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Laughing pain

Hi guys I just have a question, I've had 2 operations and chemo for stage 4 oc. I've been bed for 4 months now but, I've noticed more recently that when I laugh I get a pain in my right side near ny ribs just answer my boob. I've had it for a while and only get it if u laugh any one have any idea what it could be, I'm going to ask my oncologist nesxt time I see her but just thought I would ask you lovely ladies

Leianne xx

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Hi leianne Have you been overdoing it (and I don't just mean laughing :)). I just wondered if you have strained/pulled a muscle. I had terrible pain, over the rib area on one side, turns out id most likely cracked a rib coughing!. Sending you best wishes. Kathy xx


I had a random pain on my right side same spot. Never did find out what it was. But got clean scans so not worrying about it. Better limit listening to comedians for the time being. 😂

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I've not had this but are you seeing your oncologist soon? If not can you bring the appointment forward? Or phone ?


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