Hello all,

I finished with the company last month after 24 years ,after being off sick for nine months going through treatment.

It was quite emotional for me to accept ,I kept thinking that OC had taken everything from me especially my confidence. But then I decided it's not taking everything away from me, so I applied for a new job last week had my interview on Friday, they asked why after 24 years in a well paid job would I wish to work for them, I was honest and told them about the cancer and that my life had changed, and being a high earner was not important to me anymore life was more important. I received a telephone call this morning to say I have the job, I had tears of happiness streaming down my face, it's 25 hrs a week and just what I wanted, I also told the beast you never took everything from me I have lots of fight in me yet. CA 125 tomorrow then onc next Thursday fingers toes and everything else crossed for more good news.

Me and my grandson at a wedding last weekend.

Ellsey xx

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  • fantastic for you. Have a great time at work!!


  • Oh wow that is just fantastic and just what I needed to hear. My job is so stressful and I'm thinking of stepping down and with exactly the same thoughts as you.. where would I get a job.. you have just inspired me and given me faith too.. Congratulations to you and all the very best in your new role. Love Michelle xx 💐

  • Wonderful news and so helpful to see it's not impossible to get hired without hiding the cancer. Well done! Hope you find it fulfilling and not too tiring!


  • wONDERFUL PHOTO. Congratulations on the new job its part of taking back control of your life and saying I know what I want/or don,t want. Good luck for the CA125. Onwards and upwards Cheers Chris

  • Well done. What a positive step! X

  • Fab Fab Fab xxxx

  • Well done!!

  • lovely photo Ellsey, Good attitude! impressed!, hope all ok next Thursday and the news is good. xx Jeanette

  • Oh thats such a happy post, so pleased for you, enjoy your new job xx

  • Well done. I've given up managerial level teaching for two days a week supply. All the fun none of the rubbish. Good luck and you won't look back xx

  • Congratulations on the new job!

  • All you ladies have given me the inspiration and the confidence to enjoy the new life, and helped me so much this past nine months.

    Ellsey xx

  • Good on you! Such a positive vibe for all lovely ladies with jobs. Jo 🌺🌼🌸🌻🌹

  • Aaaw so glad for you, I had tears in my eyes reading your post. And what a great photo of you and your grandson. Good luck with the ca125 and congratulations on your new job. Love Julie. Xxx

  • It must have been hard after 24 years but this is really great news and your new company obviously have a great outlook. A lot must have been down to you though through your honesty and determination at interview. Well done!

    By the way, is your grandson old enough to be holding that pint of something?

  • He will be 21 in July I can't believe how grown up he has become.

    Ellsey xx

  • Lovely picture. All the best in your new role, that's amazing news and great that you're not letting the aliens rule the day.

    LA xx

  • Brilliant stuff! They clearly saw quality when it came their wave and snapped you up. Enjoy this new chapter in your life! Cheers

    Netti xx

  • Well done you, a very hard step to take but it has really worked out for you. Best wishes in your new job. Love the handsome grandson

  • Well done you , Dy x

  • Good to hear your news. Making our own choices about how we live every day, every step of the way. I too have had a change of role at work and reduced my hours to 21 a week over 3 days. I now have lovely balance in my life. Enjoy the summer ahead with your lovely family.

    Loraine. Lx

  • Fantastic news . As my daughter would say 'you go girl' . You give us all confidence to take the next step however scary and not let the big C take any more of us .

    What a great photo ,👍😀💜

    Love and best wishes for many happy years ahead Kim X

  • Well done on the job front. Beautiful photo of you and your grandson. You look fab. Ann xx

  • That's such an uplifting post. Well done you x

  • Brilliant post and photo and so great that you were able to express how you felt to them, I wish you so much luck now! Nicky xx

  • That is so exciting, and well done to the company you are going to ..The stress of a highly paid job is not worth the physical pain , have been in that place too .

    New Beginnings ☺️

  • Well you look fabulous and why wouldn't they employ you?

    I am so pleased you have the job you want and they must be a lovely firm as they have employed you through your honesty,I wish you all the best and it's a lovely photo,

    Love Carole xxx

  • Great news - good for you and good luck with it! x

  • Congratulations Ellsey

    You are wonderful . Your new employer is getting a gem and knows it I'm sure. Good luck with your CA125 and with the oncologist. What a lovely photo of you and your handsome grandson . Good for you.


  • Great news. Really heartening. xx

  • What a lovely picture and fabulous news! Enjoy your new job. Xx

  • Truly deserved! Well done xx

  • Fantastic. Congratulations on your new job and what a handsome grandson you have. Lovely picture of you both xo

  • It's amazing how having cancer changes the way we see life differently. I have a good feeling that you'll progress and enjoy your life xxx

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