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I am 46 and have been having pain in my right ovary for at least 5 months. It's started as an occasional pain and I chalked it up to a cyst that would go away. My periods have always been very normal and routine. But this month I skipped my period and the two previous ones were much lighter than usual. The pain in my ovary has gotten much worse so I went to my doctor two weeks ago about a week after the missed period. She sent me for a vaginal ultrasound and they couldn't see either of my ovaries but said my endometrial lining was thick .. 16mm. So my doctor sent me for a CT scan and the scan came back unremarkable with no problems detected other than the thickened lining. There was documentation about other specific organs being clear but no mention of my ovaries. I have had extreme stomach bloating for the past month as well. My Dr prescribed Prometrium for 10 days to make me have a period then wants to do a follow up US. My mother had uterine cancer at age 28 and a complete hysterectomy. I am concerned about Uterine and Ovarian Cancer. If my ovaries weren't seen on the US or CT is it possible I could have Ovarian cancer? Would it be reasonable for me to request a CA125?

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Yes I would say ask for ca125 test because of family history aswell a symptom. Ive had all symptoms for 5 6 months gradually got worse doctor done blood test ultrasound internal ultra sound but said to me ca125 was raised didnt ask number, was stressing about it and turned out when I saw gyno he said it was 17 well guideline is up to 35 so dont really get why she said it was raised guessing they like it as low as poss. Ive now been sent by gyno for another ultrasound to be done by gyno then for a laprascopy to look more closely. Time frames are annoying concidering having to put up with pains ect, im living on painkillers most days.


I don't know the answer to your question, but I can tell you that one of my ovaries couldn't be seen on an ultrasound, it was presumed to be 'shrivelled' and possibly 'tucked away'. However, when I later had surgery to remove a large endometrioma on my LEFT ovary they actually discovered that my RIGHT ovary was engulfed in a 10cm benign dermoid cyst. I don't understand how this was not seen on ultrasound, but it wasn't. My diagnosis was severe endometriosis. I now have other issues going on, which are still being evaluated. I think it's reasonable for you to ask for a CA125 test, but be aware that other conditions (such as endometriosis) can cause a raised level - my level was 175 before my original surgery, and this was explained as the endometriosis. My level is now 463, with other symptoms, which is what is currently being investigated. Best wishes, x


Hi Jeanine. It's all a bit too medical for me but I do think you should get that CA125. Even they are not always reliable of course, but it is one thing you can do. When my OC recurred, my CA125 was only 19. I'd had 2 needle biopsies, 2 USs & a CT scan. None of those showed the cancer. I knew it was back & so did my onc as I had a swollen lymph node in my groin (it was a PET scan that finally showed it). This being a recurrence, I had enough experience by then & from reading others posts on this site, to know it was back. BUT and this is a very big BUT, another thing I've learned is that what is so for one person is probably not so for another. So none of this may apply to you. But given your family history & your pain, I really don't think you should let it lie. If you still have pain, you deserve better answers.

When my OC was first being diagnosed, the doc who did the US said he could see a mass that was preventing him from seeing my other organs. He said he didn't know what it was but suspected it would need surgery.

You're around menopause age, so it may be related to that. Periods usually become erratic.

Good luck. I hope it turns out well for you. Pauline


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