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Chemo went ahead Yesyerday

Hi I had some good news yesterday. I called Oncology as asked if I could have my Chemo as wasn't keen on waiting 3 weeks. They checked my bloods and it went ahead.

Regretting pushing it a it this morning ..feeling the typical rotten lol. But worth it.

I've got to say I met and talked to a smashing lady sitting next to me ..81 years young..bless her. She has had Ovarian Cancer for 7 Years !! Now has Bowel cancer too sadly .She is fighting it. I'm sure she said she has to have chemo every day if they stop it she will die very quickly . They cannot even stop it for a cataract op. This lady was so with it and not a moaner. My heart broken for her as she finds it so so hard but is continuing as she wants to live.

I said you are so brave.. no I'm not she said ..I want to live. I am in awe of this lady living alone and coping with this hell. She deserves a medal in my humble opinion

Makes me feel so very lucky .

Bless her xxx

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Hi Ricky

I loved your post and the story of the lovely lady you met. I'm 71 and got the feeling after my last chemo that some oncologists are not interested in you after a certain age and that there is an unspoken cut off point where one is no longer worth fighting for. Your post cheered me up and renews my intention to fight like hell !

I was glad for you that you were able to get the chemo despite the rotten side effects. Take care and keep posting !


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