Nice little break

Nice little break

Morning all

I am 11 Taxols down and 7 to go and on Thursday till yesterday I went on a girly break to Spain ☀️ Thoroughly enjoyed it and got a nice starter tan (off to Marbella with hubby 4 weeks on wed for 8 nights 😎) I'm lucky in the fact I feel really well and I'm using the cold cap so have a full head of hair which is lovely and unexpected! I'm the middle one in this pic.

I had a ca125 of about 100 at the start of chemo which has come down slowly but at the last test it stayed the same as 4 weeks previous to that of 63. I had a midway scan which showed the chemo is working but with one issue where there was a small pocket of fluid by my liver at he beginning of chemo and at my midway scan this has grown bigger. My onc said neither the radiologist nor him could see any cancer in it so as I can't feel it he said leave it alone until the end of chemo scan and hopefully it will have gone but if not I assume I'll have to have it drained?! This is my third line treatment from original diagnosis of low grade serous carcinoma stage 3b in 2012.

Anyway onwards and upwards with positivity and hope.... love and hugs to all of you xxx

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  • Just a lovely photo!

    "Onwards and upwards with positivity and hope" --such a good message.


  • Fab photo you look a great group of women. Aren,t friends so important not only in the good times but when the going gets tough however we know sometimes one or two of them get going seldom to be see.Hope the fluid disappears as the chemo continues and you go into remission. Forward and onwards. Love Chris

  • Hurrah. Well over half way. Nicola x

  • Lovely photo, you look like a fun bunch. Well done getting to week 11, I did taxol weekly and those 18 weeks soon pass. I really hope the liver doesn't become an issue, I had fluid near my liver which showed at a scan but so far (over 2 years later) it's not been a problem, they monitor my liver as it's full of cysts and the fluid went by the time I'd finished chemo. Be a little aware that chemo can affect your sensitivity to sunshine so perhaps a higher sun factor than before might be prudent. Have a fab holiday with your hubby and keep well ❤️Xx Jane

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