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Hi ladies I'm a bit nervous as I've never posted online about my cancer.

I was diagnosed I 2015 with stage 3 ovarian cancer. I've had a full hysterectomy and lots of different chemos. My markers are exceptionaly high. My main query to the lovely Overcome community of ladies is does anyone have a lungdrain? I have a right hand drain. This is drained 3 times weekly. I have not encountered anyone else with this. Thankyou in advance for reading and any replies. Bestest Wishes from claire

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Hi Claire, welcome to our lovely family of friends, we all know how you feel and you will find such support on this forum, there are ladies on here who have/had lung drains so I'm sure somebody will be able to help you and be able to empathise. Take lots of care ❤️Xx Jane


Hi Claire

Well done for can be daunting if you are not used to it!

I am sure you will get some useful advice on here xx Lyndy


Hi Claire, a very warm welcome and well done for being brave enough to post. You will find, no doubt, that everyone here are just wonderful, amazing, beautiful individuals that have a wealth of advice to offer and experience to share. I can't offer any advice specifically re: lung drains (I'm sure someone will shortly) but I did just wanted to offer you a huge virtual ((hug)) sounds like you've already been through quite a tough time and I hope this gets sorted for you quickly.

Best wishes, Jemima xx


A lovely welcome Thankyou Jemima xx


Hello and welcome. I know women who have had this procedure many times. You may find it helpful to also go on Facebook and send a friend request to a closed group for women with OC - it's called Ovarian Cancer UK. I find both this site here on Ovacome and that site very helpful.

All the best to you.




Welcome to our wonderful community, you will get marvellous support from the ladies on this site, you will also hear from a number of ladies who have had the drain.

Sending you hugs

Ellsey xx


I had a chest drain around the time I had my initial surgery, to remove a pleural effusion. Like you it was the right side. But I only needed it drained once. After surgery, the fluid didn't return. I hope there is someone who can reply to you who has had repeated drainings. Di


Thankyou Di this is very informative for me, I've not had the opportunity to talk to anyone that's even heard of the drain. Thankyou Di so much x


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