Getting Mum through the "blips"

It's been a while since I originally posted and my mum had been diagnosed. She had her 3rd Chemo today and has her MRI booked for in a week to see how effective it has been.

It's been a bumpy road. After first Chemo she was violently ill. Thankfully I was there to help her and dad. Then 10 days later she got an infection and spent 6 days in hospital which delayed Chemo 2 by a week. She was also told she has secondary cancer on her spine and ribs and was sent for an MRI to check her liver as they had concern it had also been effected. Chemo 2 was a lower does an she seemed to get by with fatigue. She was pleased to be infection free and then she work with a swollen leg and groin pain and has a thrombosis in her left leg. She's on daily injections of chemo comparable blood thinners and has had to increase pain relief considerably. Thank fully it didn't stop Chemo 3 today.

I live 2 hours away and teach. I have been going most weekends and was able to be there for last 2 Chemo and care so feel pretty bad today that I'm home and working. I can't go really the next 3 weekends as I have commitments with school (I teach) to take student on Duke of Edinburgh expeditions and I'm the only qualified teacher so must go.

You guys alway chat about you CA 125 results and I finally got mums. 644 in Feb and 275 today prior to Chemo 3.

Anyway I'm rambling. I guess I would like some words of wisdom.

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  • You sound a great son. I read your first post and see your dad is struggling emotionally, perhaps your absence with work commitments will mean he'll have to get on with practicalities of caring which might even help distract him, especially if you can phone from the wilds of your D of E expedition!

    Hope everything goes well for you, your mum and dad. Take care x

  • Hi there your Mum has been going through a tough time but she is getting there. It has to be hard for you living away and having work committments. Is there anyway you can persuade your Dad to get home help or pay for home help a few hours a week to give him a break. The Macmillian Centre in your Mums area should be able to advise you on this, all the best to you and your family

  • Your mum is lucky to have you supporting her. Sorry to hear she's gone through so much but it sounds as though the chemo is working, from the CA125 results. That's great. I hope the rest of her treatment goes well. It is hard when work has to take precedence but that's how it is at times.

  • Her ca125 numbers went down so that is a good sign. I was in remission for 2 yrs and just now got news that my cancer is back and very close to my liver. Unfortunately my ca125 is always normal even when my cancer is at it's worse so can't use as cancer marker. Your mum is lucky to have you. I hope she continues to improve and please make sure you are taking care of yourself too.

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