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CA-125 bouncing ball

Hello- I had 4 cycles of chemo then my surgery and now finally 1/3rd through my "last" cycle of chemo. With another scheduled today - fingers crossed my blood counts are holding 🤞🏻 (3 cycles scheduled post surgery). This last leg has been a drawn out and bumpy road with an almost 3 week delay between end of my 2nd cycle and start of my 3rd. During the treatment, my CA 125 went down and has been hovering at the high edge of normal. But in last handful of tests it went up a few points three times in a row before my last test where it went down a few points.

Have any of you experienced the CA bouncing ball during post surgery chemo? Or seen a small bump(s) towards last weeks of firstline chemo? For further reference, its taken here in US at start of each chemo cycle but I slipped in an extra 1 since my 3rd cycle kept getting delayed due to blood issues.

Curious to hear- thanks! I'm paranoid I've become resistant in my last cycle 😳. Fueled by unexplainable aches and a yet to be explained blood problen. Cancer sucks! 😠


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Mines allways went up and down oncologist sayed if she took 3 in same day they would all be diffrent mines was never high highest 74 were 23 after treatment not sure what they are now getting done soon causeof groinand hip pain xxx


My CA 125 went up to 57 post surgery, onc said this was normal as the surgeon has scraped the Peritoneam and taken away all female organs and appendix.

It started going down again after 4th chemo post surgery.

Ellsey xx

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