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I did my 4th surgery

I did my fourth surgey one month ago

The tumor resected totaly and no other nodules findings

It was a localised tumor increased in size from 1,8 to 5x4cm

The surgeon resected this tumor of 5x4 cm, clear cell adenocarcinome.

This is my second recurrence during the past 68 months.

Receptors are negative so this means im not able to be treated with hormonal therapy.

My oncolog also do not want me to go for fourth time line chemeotherapy, because i took alot

He asked me now to make pet-scan

And after he will decide if to go for any treatment or wait untill any suspicious finding during routin ct-scans.

Is there anyone who experienced such thing?

I need your advises.

Is there any expert doctor in any country can treat clear cell ovarian cancer adenocarcinome??

Did any one has experienced such case??

Im afraid for the cancer if coming back as fourrh time, and i do not know what is expecting me in the near futur.

I do not know if i go now for treatment or wait until any suspicious futur findings !!???!!

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Hello..I can't offer any advice as mine is high grade serous but wishing you well on your journey!

Keep us updated on what they find and how they treat you- the more information we can share the better xx

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Hi I have clear cell, and have had 2 further ops since my initial tah, both for single spots, I think the oncs treat with watch and wait. Its been 3 years since my last op, and I understand that you get fed up but I have just tried to carry on regardless, hang in there, sending you virtual hugs..



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Sorry I cannot advise.

Hope you find an answer.Wishing you all the best xxx


I have stage 3 clear cell and am on first line chemo. I have asked about future treatments but was fobbed off with "you don't need to worry about that now". There is a clear cell clinical trial that Clare is starting-Niccc and a clear cell study in Glasgow going on I think.

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