Avastin and steroids

Hi ladies

To day I asked my oncologist to stop cortisone but he refused. I take Avastin infusions every 3 weeks for maintenance. Does anyone do Avastin without steroids? If so what side effects do you get? I blame steroids for the 20lbs that I've gained during the last 10 months. ... of course along with my appetite. Lol


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  • Hi Nellie

    My 1st Avastin was with my 6 th ( last chemo ) so had the normal cocktail of anti- sickness and 3 days of steroids .

    I had my 2nd Avastin (16 to go) for maintenance yesterday and was told I didnt need any drugs including steroids . Early days but have been good today . Will let you know how I get on at end of week !

    Kim x

  • Thanks Kim. Yes pls do

  • Hi Nellie, I am Avastin every 3 weeks but do not have steroids, but I live in Spain, so they may take a different approach. I don't have any side effects apart from a constant runny nose!!! hope you get sorted,

    Jeanette xx

  • When I was getting Avastin in Norway I never once had steroids. Even with chemo the steroids I did get was only the night before and the morning of chemo. Strange how different hospitals do things differently.


  • I was on a trial for Avastin in 2008 and didnt have steroids.

  • Hi Nellie as far as I'm aware it's not usual to give steroids with Avastin because it's not poisonous like chemo. Having said that I'm on prednisone to control my rheumatoid disease while I complete the Avastin...a whole stone heavier than before..none of my clothes fit! Xx

  • Thanks a lot Jeanette, bibs, Katmal, and Lyndy. I'll put up a fight with my oncologist next infusion. I hate the way steroids leave me fat and bloated.

  • I had 18 cycles of Avastin, I never had them with steroids xx

  • I don't think I have any steroids now I am on Avastin on its own. I am still putting on weight though...

  • I never had steroids while on avastin - just before and after I took carbo/taxol. Side effect problems with avast in but none that steroids would fix.


  • I am here in Ireland and when moved to Avastin on its own never had steroids, I wonder why your onc feels you need them

  • I am just about to have final Avastin and didn't have steroids, just naproxen for painful feet and joints.

    Hope it all goes well for you!

  • Hi Nellie, I am on Avastin too but am not given anything else with it.


  • Hi Nellie, I am on Avastin too but don't have anything else with it.


  • I've finished Carbo/taxol now (combined with Avastin for the last 2 cycles) and am having a further 16 cycles of Avastin starting tomorrow. I asked my consultant yesterday if I had to take any supporting drugs with Avastin and she said no. I haven't had any weight problems with the steroids, but found stopping them hit my mood really hard - 5 days on a high then a really bad couple of days. I would say that after that I was back to normal, but I'm not sure what normal is now!

  • Like those who have responded above I have Avastin on its own and no other meds. Where is your hospital? Maybe they have different protocols there. Good luck with getting some proper answers.


  • Thanks ladies for all your helpful replies. I believe that my oncologist (Paris) said something about gradual reduction of steroids because it would be difficult to abort them abruptly. But I'll insist on reducing the dose next time which is in 3 weeks.

    What side effects do you ladies have with Avastin on its own?

  • None. My steroids stopped as soon as the chemo stopped - no gradual reduction.

  • Like the other ladies I have avastin on its own and don't have steroids. I have a few problems with hoarseness of voice, runny nose at times and now after 8 months my feet and hands are starting to feel achey but all in all it's doable. I have put on weight though but had intravenous chemo before and am now on a tablet form of chemo - without steroids - but it could be the reduced amount of exercise I have been able to do over the past 2 and a half years. Good luck with your oncologist!

    Madeline xx

  • Thanks Madeline. I have exactly the same side effects. I am also on oral hormonal therapy. How do you manage your pains? All my bones ache to the extent that I'm thinking of changing my matress to a gentler one. I get terrible ankle and heel pains when I go for a gentle walk.

  • Yes, ankle and heel pains same! I haven't done too much apart from occasionally taking ibuprofen so far. I try to wear more cushioned shoes when going for a walk. I don't find it too bad in bed at night, it's more when I put weight on my feet - first thing in the morning I feel about 80 years old! My oncologist hasn't recommended anything really! Just putting up with it for now but hope it isn't going to keep getting worse.


  • Thank you. So I'm not crazy! I also get the pains of I sit down for a good hour or so. I try to stretch my feet more often. Any more tips are very much appreciated.

  • Hi Nellie-I have no experience with Avastin but I had the regular carboplatin/taxol treatments. I hated the steroids as they caused pain all over my body day two and three. Hurt to touch my skin and very inflamed. My onc. let me not have any anti-emetics or steroids on the taxol only days after begging him. Huge relief. He said I had to have steroids with the carboplatin because of a bigger chance of allergic reaction as time goes on. With the taxol, if I was going to have an allergic reaction it would be on first dose more than likely. May be the same for Avastin.

    XX Carol

  • I'm on Avastin and don't get any other drugs. It's part of the ICON8B trial.

    Did you ask your oncologist why he wants you to take cortisone?

  • I'm on the same trial I've been on it a few months now I've been getting a lot of side effects that's been getting me down wish that they would stop now

  • Hi Nellie

    I'm on my 41st cycle of 3-weekly Avastin. You'll see it's working well for me ! I've never had cortisone with it. I get next to no side effects. Just runny nose and it raises my blood pressure a margin & I have to take 1/2 tab per day. I haven't gained any weight. I get an occasional croaky voice, as someone said above but my onc tells me it's from the caelyx I used to be on.

    Best wishes. Pauline

  • Hi Nellie! I'm on Avastin with Doxil and I don't have to take any steroids. So far I haven't had any side effects. I wonder if you are having some other symptoms that they are giving you the steroids for?


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