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Rising CA125 with Avastin

I was diagnosed with stage 4 OC in Feb 16. I completed 26 cycles of carbo/taxol along with debulking surgery. I just completed my 8th Avastin but CA125 counts are rising each time. Now up to 61. My last scan showed NED which is great but the rising counts make me feel that something is lurking. Has anyone else experienced rising counts on Avastin?

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Hi , I finished my 2nd line chemo last August with CA125 of 135, and have been on 3 weekly Avastin since then. My Ca 125 has been steadily rising and is now at 400+. I am going for a ct scan on Monday, and will see the oncologist the following week, so wont know whether I am still NED or not. The horrible thing is I feel so well, so I am keeping everything crossed that it is a false positive as that is what my Oncologist said it could be. Keep positive and try not to worry, it could be nothing. sending comforting hugs, xxx Jeanette


Thanks Jeanette!

Sending good wishes and hugs to you for NED scans! I've read that Avastin can cause the counts to go up. Being optimistic that this is the case for us!



Hi. Yes I too have rising CA125 on Avastin. It never went below 158. I had an operation after 6 chemos and was told no visible evidence of disease. Decided to continue with Avastin. CA125 has gone up on last two times 225 and 326. My ct scan shows nothing other than a nodule.... I feel fine so oncologist has said to keep going as I am and to go by how I feel. I know Avastin does not work for everyone - nothing does- but as I feel fine I will go by that. It's only nine weeks since my operation and almost four months since my last chemo so I will see what happens. I'm not sure this helps but I always find it helps me to think I'm not the only one going through something.

Take care and try not to worry.

Netti x



Thanks for your response. It does make us feel better to know we aren't alone. I'm SO happy to hear your scans are clear! What a blessing! My scans were re-done 3 weeks ago and were also clear. I just wish the counts weren't going up. I also feel good so I'm going to try to stop focusing on the things I can't control and enjoy life!


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