Prescribed Docusate Sodium...thanks for all your advice

Prescribed Docusate Sodium...thanks for all your advice

After hitting rock bottom this week with post-surgery pain, low mood & debilitating constipation, a chat with the Doc at today's chemo session & I have these babies. Finally I might be able to sort out my bowel movements once & for all. It has become my priority (well for now anyway...)

Thank you for your advice on here, when I really needed it ❤️ You are all Angels


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  • Oh I'm glad they have prescribed these for you, good luck xxx

  • They are game changers ! I take 2 in the morning and another 2 in the evening, if I have not been to the toilet on the second day I increase the dose to 8 daily. I just manage the dose now myself and get a repeat presription. They have not let me down. DO NOT run out, I did and had a weekend without them and got told off by my Onc as it is vital that my bowels do not back up. I had extensive surgery to my bowel and was very lucky to avoid a stoma. I have so many complications but these have worked for me for the past 3 years. I hope you get the same results. Take care xo

  • That's reassuring. I've been taking dolcolax everyday since my op. I sometimes have to up the dose to 2 sachets a day. I simply do not go without them. I've been told it's fine to do this as they are softeners and not a Laxative. I wonder if I would be better off with these tablet? I'll ask at next appt.x

  • Gleedy, wish I'd known about them from the start! Given the known issues post surgery, & with morphine based pain killers adding to the problem I cannot for the life of me understand why it's not addressed head on 😕💩 xxx

  • My brain has gone. I meant movacol. Derrrrr x

  • Oh really hoping these work for you, they make take a few days though. I haven't needed to use mine today !!! Hooray! But I still need to be careful so will monitor!

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • Gentle but effective. Take all doses. I used to take them a day in advance of chemo. Did the trick.

    Sandra xx

  • These little babies really do do the job, well done ❤xx Jane

  • Milk of Magnesia works really good, it will clean you out. It's a over the counter product, it works fast, after you take it. You will want to stay near a restroom. I had to take it for my tumor was blocking my bowel. And now I just take it because I'm into healing up after that radical hysterectomy. My bowels were wraparound my tumor, and they still aren't normal yet. Hang in there Sarah, we are praying for you, and you give us strength 💕

  • Don't laugh...but this morning when I went, it was VERY soft! Ha ha! Jokes right?

    Mind you, as the Dr said, we have 40ft of colon so need to work on getting it consistent top to bottom.

    At least it's moving, so that's something I guess! x

  • Well that is good news, you will probably have another few trips to the loo during the day and will feel much better this evening

  • I'm not laughing having a normal stool is a awesome thing

  • I have so battered them down with my hating ondansetron that I now only get one minimum dose for chemo or surgery. I find that I end up with only one missed poo day generally.

    When I was a new girl with breast cancer and a lot less knowledge and independence than I have now I religiously took all the pills I was given and was utterly miserable with constipation. So I stopped. I said I'd rather deal with nausea than that. Turned out not to be a problem. We're all different, but standard prescriptions don't allow for that.

    The other thing that helped after my bowel surgery, and it was almost miraculous, was going back on my probiotic. Within a couple of days I was spending my nights in bed rather than miserably in the bathroom.

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