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So an ultrasound found cysts in Nov where I have had previous dermoid cysts. Ca125 taken and was 175. Ct scan done in November. More tumour markers taken to. I have been advised that all other tumour markers are reassuringly normal. They feel that the little blighters are of a benign nature and I was given the option of removal or reassess and monitor in 6 months. I decided to remove and have a date In a couple of weeks. I am still nervous about the op and what they fill find. Should I feel reassured that it's not as 'nasty' as they are opting for keyhole and it's being done by a normal gyna rather than gyna Onc? Left ovary is to be removed and have been told they are happy to conserve right. Emotions are a bit up and down as had been ttc. 😞

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Hi love,

My opinion would be always to remove if it can be done and treatment afterwards if needed.

I had a radical hysterectomy and 6 months of chemo after,purely because of ascites,but if the tumour had been removed before I may not have had chemo.

I'm sure you are in good hands and Iwish you all the best,

Carole xxx


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