My Neuropathy

Thank you to all of you who have replied and am taking on board all the comments and will try out most of the suggestions. Apart from the neuropathy I feel really well and am crossing fingers for CT scan in couple of weeks, although that is being done with bowel cancer in mind but scan will cover pelvic area anyway. Got holiday booked day after CT scan so off to the sun for 2 weeks and will forget about hospitals, blood tests, cancer counts etc. Thanks again all you amazing ladies. xx

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  • Have a lovely holiday, we all need a break away if we can. Good luck with the scan and hope the results don't throw up any nasty surprises. ❤xx Jane

  • Hi I found the following slideshow with exercises and more for neuropathy on

    May be of interest to you.

    Holiday sounds fab, very exciting to look forward to that I bet.

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • Clare, where do you find all this information? You really are the go to person for all this helpful knowledge.

    I have already started these exercises this morning!


  • I've started these exercises so thanks Clare. I also go to yoga. I found a teacher who does yoga for health and it's a fun and easy class.

  • As I'm going back on Taxol (which didn't really agree with me before!) I'm also going to do these

    Glad this is useful


  • I've been taking ice for my hands. Some of the nurses think it's odd but they are used to that from me. The last letter from the oncology consultant to the GP said I'd been reading up on the treatment! I think it's working and it costs nothing apart from my cute insulated lunchbag (I go in on the bus so the picnic bag was a bit cumbersome). I still have some neuropathy but as long as I can knit and sew I can put up with a bit.

  • Do you mind telling be how you use the ice? Is it at treatment?

  • Yes. I take a takeaway carton full of ice cubes, put it in 2 plastic bags, and hold them while the infusion of taxol is going in and for about half an hour afterwards. I take them in an insulated lunch bag with a freezer icepack. I take some old towels to put under the bags as some water always leaks out as they melt. I get the cold cap as well so I take a blanket so I don't get too cold.

  • Genius! I too had thought that if they use a cold cap on your head why don't they give you cold caps for your hands and feet!? I was trying to decide if I was brave enough to go in with cold packs of my own but am now firmly in the sod it I'm going to do it mentality! I shall follow your lead!



  • I took in a couple of those ice blocks you use for camping or picnics and it looked a bit odd but was cold and then I just moved my feet around them. Not as good coverage as with sports packs or ice cubes but probably better than nothing. I took the packs as well but they don't stay cold as long.

  • Have a lovely holiday you deserve a good break x

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