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Hi Guys, For the first time since diagnosis in July 2015 I had a melt down yesterday , over a new kitchen, My partner wanted to talk about this and all I had got on my min was my Mri swhich was done today and my appointment with the oncologist to get the results on Friday. I had a right paddy, I am so afraid that my luck is going to,run out and also so ashamed that I am loosing my cool and not dealing with the situation as well as I could be. My husband could not have been more loving and supportive, I just want to learn better ways to live with this uncertaintainty. I am usually more positive and salute the women on this forum who are dealing with the s...t that this disease brings with it courage and positivity, any advice would be greatly appreciated

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  • Hi Dryden, Don't be so hard on yourself we all have our meltdowns,paddys,strops I had one myself last weekend.I was diagnosed 2012 and have had one recurrence and I am looking at more chemo in the near future.Like yourself I am normally a very positive person but things just blew up,but after a couple of hours and a walk in the sun I was able to put things back into perspective.I wish you all the best for Friday with your results. Pam x

  • Thanks for your reply like you I am usually positive perhaps we should just give ourselves permission to let rip every now and again if necessary

  • Hi Dryden indeed you have done very well not having a melt down up to now, You have been through a lot in a year and a bit. I was told before that you have your melt down when its time to have one so it was your time. Yes of course it happens over something totally unrelated to this illness. So you have a project ongoing at the moment and that is enough to drive yourself silly but the kitchen will work out too, Perhaps it is time to speak with Macmillan or a Counsellor if you feel you are really lost at the moment. I found this very helpful but appreciate its a personal choice, Best of luck with the MRI result and I am sure all will be good, wishing you the very best

  • Thanks for your empathetic reply I will see what Fri brings,cross fingers then decide on the way forward. Cheers

  • Sending you the kindest thoughts and best wishes for Friday.

  • I think that we have to 'let it all out' every now and then-it keeps us sane! Be gentle with yourself, you have a lot going on and you are doing brilliantly. Sending you best wishes and virtual hugs

    Lou xxxx

  • Thanks for that it means a lot

  • Hi Dryden,

    Never be ashamed of losing your cool. In fact pack 'shame' up in box and never let it see the light of day....would be my advice..

    Debs xx

  • Honestly, the time between the scan and the results is a no-go zone for any other problems, decisions or discussions beyond the scope of 'what tea shall I have for breakfast today?'. It's just so tense and stressful. Don't worry about it. You will focus on the kitchen when the immediate health questions have been addressed.

    That said.. new kitchen.. mmm.. my idea of internet porn! ;)

  • Thanks so much for being so understanding and your last comment made me smile.Chris

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