Finished Cymo for now

Just finished 6 carbo/Calyx hands and feet very dry used many tubes of cream.Had my CT scan last week and seeing my oncologist this week . Have had problems with my feet being very sensitive also probs with an inflamed big toe glad when I feel normal again sorry about the moan but every so often I get fed up with all the problems that go with this awful decease I will feel better when I get my results love to all xxx

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  • Hi Granis,

    Have you tried Aveeno cream, it's my miracle for dry skin. My Onc prescribed it for me and a vit B supplement, both helped. I've also found wearing sandals (actually flip-flops I bought on holiday) and keeping my feet cool. Avoid hot baths and try not to walk long distances in one go.

    Hope the results are good :-)


  • Thank you for your good wishes x

  • Hi granis,

    Sorry you are feeling poorly,as lost4words said Aveena cream is really good be kind to yourself,cheer yourself up with things you like to do,take it easy, a little bit of walking,but not too much and see what your team recommend you do.

    Most of all good luck with your results and appointment with your onc,

    Best wishes,

    Carole xxx

  • Thank you Carole x

  • HI Granis, how about soaking your feet for twenty mins in a basin of warm water and epsom salts, this will help the pain and should ease it a little. Just be careful dry your feet properly and maybe the sore toe might be soothed, I would mention it to your onc when you see him tho. The Aveeno cream is good for dry skin and there is also a cream your onc can prescribe. So you are done and dusted and I wish you well with the scan results

  • Thank you Susuki Imwill certainly try that and thanks for your good wishes xx

  • Hi Granis. You're on the right end of it. Caelyx is a bit of a bugger but you did it ! I had all those side effects plus a few more. They go. All that remains for me is an occasional croaky voice & a few little pit-marks on my hands. It got me a remission - that's the main thing. Good luck with yours. Pauline

  • Thank you Pauline I am hoping for a better remission this time I only had 3 1/2 months last time xxx

  • Hiya, I'm on Calaeyx and have been using the udderly smooth cream it's worked wonders to my skin xx

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