Survival stories!?

I am so full of fear but same time ,full of positive things!

I like to ask is there long term survival stories on stage 3 or 4?

I know that most of the woman stop writing their stories here somepoint but if there is somebody?

It's so hard to be human, all things have to start with negativity (not all lol) but this is who we are , heh.

I love of reading survival stories ❤

Because those inspiring EVERYBODY .

I start with some "friend" . I got to know her yesterday on facebook. She had OC dont know what stage but low grade and estrogen fed ,8 years ago, her prognosis to survive was max 1-2year. Her survival of surgery was 70%. Her body was FULL of cancercells but she is still here, NED, I say happen!

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  • I was diagnosed with stage 3 high grade c in July 2012

    I have had a few reoccurrences first lymph nodes which I went on a trial for

    The cancer has spread to bottom of spine and left kidney so just started chemo again carboplatnim and caleyx

    So am feeling hopeful as long as I am being offered treatment then there is hope so just take each day at a time

    Got loads to look forward to

    I have stopped reading about survival rates as everyone is different

    Hope this has helped ;-) ;-) ;-) x

  • Hi. yes people do survive longterm, here I am diagnosed stage 3 in 2007, given approx 2 years. I have had 2 recurrences but currently NED and working full time. My mum was diagnosed stage 3 and told she'd be lucky to make 5 years. Well she went on for about 14 years no recurrences. Ive heard of ladies who have survived longer with no recurrences. Kathy xx

  • Hi there. Well I was diagnosed this August with Stage 4. Started treatment in September and currently having chemo every week. Just had sixth. I can't tell you my future. Nobody can. My consultant can't and hasn't which is all good with me as I feel tremendous hope and live each day with as much energy and joy as I can. Every time I shoot into the future that's where the problems start so focusing on now and the preciousness of life helps me through. Just wanted to reach out and let you know there are lots of us out here who are stage 3 and 4! If you are too you are not alone

    Love and hugs

    Mary x

  • My ongologistt told me he has ladies that he is treating That were first diognosed in 2000 and they are still here.

  • Wow, you woman are AMAZING. I hope all the best for you.

    I am so , like , oh my. You are all in my thought !

    Xx Daniella

  • I was diagnosed in 2008 OC 3 b I have had 7 recurrences and have just finished carbo/Caelyx it's not always been easy but certainly worth it and there is always the chance that this time I will have a longer remission. Keep positive and keep fighting. Xxxx

  • Inspiring story - best wishes to you xxx

  • Thank you x

  • I was diagnosed in Jan 2016 with Stage 3 C ovarian cancer, currently going through a third round of chemo to handle the return of the rare and highly aggressive carcinosarcoma which was removed at the end of June. I am unable to travel (we live in Dubai) so missed my youngest son's wedding last week. It broke my heart. Indeed life is pretty shitty at the moment but it is my life and I live in it and to a certain extent, can control it. Hope and love do it for me and our wonderful family and friends. You may find this is what keeps other survivors going? Take care. Jeannine

  • Oh I'm so sorry that you missed your sons wedding. But I have a feeling that you make through many years, every cells of mine.


    Thanks ladies for your answers,meaning lot of me now ❤

  • Jeannine, I also live in Dubai although am currently having treatment in Australia, any chance of chatting? Was diagnosed Oct 2016 3B. Many thanks, Stacey.

  • Diagnosed 2006. Stage3b serous. 4 recurrences. Currently receiving cisplatin and gemzar. 10 years since diagnosis

  • Ten years since diagnosis, three chemo and one rt. Last treatment of Avastin a year ago, currently stable have review at the end of next month, I do try to have a life in between recurrences and get away. I went to see my five year old grandson during the week about 120kms away and just to see him smile is worth any chemo side effect, When he was born, I was afraid to hold him and felt I wouldnt be there for him a year down the road, So now he is five the time has flown. I will have as much chemo as I can manage to be able to see his lovely smile

  • Thats so sweet. I want to see my future grandkids ,hope for the best.

    But your story is super !

    Xx D

  • Hi Daniella......I hope you're encouraged by all these wonderful stories. I know I am! I was diagnosed in Sept.2014 with stage 4. I've been in remission now for 19 months. Everyone is different and the doctors are not God. So, please try to keep all the positive stories in mind and make up your mind that you'll be writing one yourself one day! Best to you and your family......JudyV

  • I was diagnosed as stage 3\4 in 2010 and although I've had more treatment I've also had years of being well.

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