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My wife has been diagnosed Ovarian Carcinosarcoma


I am a worried husband and don't know what to expect or do next apart from continue to help my wife get through this. But I thought perhaps I could get some help, advice on how, what to ask the doctors in this situation. My wife recently had a Laporectomy and had a radical hysterectomy and complete debulking. They found an ovarian tumour 25 cm in diam, which was highly vascularised. They surgically removed any sign of disease in peritoneum, and removed a couple of lymph nodes around that area. The surgeons took biospies of the tumour to ascertain the type of cancer and only yesterday found it to be:

Ovarian Carcinosarcoma (with low grade epithelial womb cancer). I have read around this topic and information I retrieved suggests that the former (more primary concern) is a rare and aggressive cancer and there is no precise therapy to counteract this mixed malignancy of cancer cells. I am not sure what the prognosis holds. Can you help suggest anything?

We have an appointment with the Kent Oncology Centre tomorrow to discuss chemotherapy.

Looking at the various posts there appears to be so many chemo combinations, and I don't know what to ask the doctors for my wife as she is quite weak still as she has been re-admitted into hospital with an infection but making a steady recovery from the major operation.

I appreciate any help, advice this forum can offer.

with many thanks in advance,

a very concerned husband.

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Hi Pamnani

It is a horrible place to be trying to figure out how best to support a loved one. There isn't a singular answer either, because we are all individuals. I remember feeling so lost when my Angie was diagnosed. I wanted to be strong for her, but inside I felt anything but strong. As time passed though, we found our way. There are many ways to support your wife, but experience tells me that you should let her guide you. Do as much (or sometimes as little) as she will let you. Above all simply reassure her that you are right by her side no matter what.

If you need to chat with someone privately about how you're feeling, do message me. I am happy to listen and also to share my own experience if it helps.

You might like to try Its only a small group and most members from US, but the sharing of your problems with other guys can be helpful sometimes.

Best wishes to you both



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