Hi there, I had a second lot of surgery two and a half weeks ago to remove uterus, cervix and omentum ( ovaries and very large cyst removed 6 weeks earlier). I was diagnosed with stage 1b, high grade serous epithelial OC. I was told after second surgery that I would have results around 10th or 11th of this month but heard on Friday that I have to wait another week to hear. My question is, is this time scale fairly normal? There have been a lot of set backs to my care up to now and this feels like another one. Sx

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  • Yes unfortunately for me it was the same seems you wait ages for results and it is the worse bit 😖

  • Thanks for your reply, the emotional roller coaster keeps going....every time I go to the hospital the news keeps getting worse. Hoping my luck will change. X

  • Once you get your diagnosis and treatment plan underway it does get easier ... It is like a rollarcoaster of ups and downs ... We fight to get normal back ❤️❤️

  • It sometimes does take what feels like forever and waiting is the worst. Here's hoping the results are worth waiting for. Xx

  • Hey Bearup!

    As others have said the waiting is the worst but a few weeks for that kind of extensive testing is pretty normal I think! Doesn't make it any easier and I found the waiting for results the worst part!! Have everything crossed that the results will be great! Keep smiling!😊


  • This is the hardest part not knowing, I returned six weeks post op for my results but in fact I had asked before I left hospital and they had to tell me so I was semi prepared for a treatment plan by the time I got back for the check up, Well my gynae had foostered around and he was away before I was dischanged so I caught the Reg. He was upset poor man and had to sit at the nurses station for a bit after, Knowing you will have a plan in place if necessary is a good place to start from,

  • Yes, this kind of delay is about normal from what I know. There's usually a weekly meeting to discuss your individual results and proposed treatment plan and it may be the detail required missed that meeting for one reason or another. Once a treatment plan is agreed you'll have something to focus upon, as just waiting and wondering is not easy to do. All the best!

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