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Ectopic pregnancy

I've recently been through and ectopic pregnancy and I lost one of my fallopian tubes.

I was told to wait three months, then made and x-ray test (Hysterosalpingography) on the remaining tube . All done. Now I am waiting one period to go and we can start the babymaking.

My concern is how early I can do an transvaginal ultrasound once I find out I'm pregnant again.

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Hi there and welcome. I'm sorry about your recent trauma. I do understand how devastating that can be having gone through that myself in the past.

Hopefully, you'll have good results concerning your other tube.

I'm not sure if you're aware. But this site is for women with Ovarian cancer.

Sending all good wishes. Xx

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I'm sorry. Did not know that.

Thank you though for the support.


I wish you well with your baby making, hopefully you will find a site which will give you better support than this and all the best for the future


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