Trying to help raise awareness

Following the lead of the lovely Dollysmum, I did an article for my local paper to try to help raise OVC awareness. I didn't write the headline -- I wouldn't have chosen that wording, I don't think -- and the photos are appalling. But I'm so happy to get the word out there if it helps even one person. xx

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  • I think it all helps .. And who knows? It might save a life .. It might inspire a cure. Xxxx

  • Here's hoping it strikes a chord for someone who could be helped! Thanks Tina xxx

  • Lovely photo and article, I hope you dont mind I have shared the story to my fb page because the more awareness the better.

  • Oh that's fantastic! Thank you so much! The more we can spread the word, the better - I quite agree :) x

  • Hey Kerry !! Well done! !! It's a great article and I think you look fab in the pics! If you hadn't mentioned your age I would have never guessed you had turned 50! Good on you and I too will be sharing it on my FB!!!


  • Aww bless you! Will be thinking of you -- just one more to go! Hope you're feeling okay. xx

  • Well done! Excellent article and pics; you don't look anywhere near 50. Im sure it will make readers think twice and make that call to the surgery.

  • I sincerely hope so! x

  • Kerry thats fantastic, well done - AND thats a lovely photo of you. xxxx

  • Thank you, Debs - and thanks for being such an inspiring role model! xxxx

  • Well done. What a great article. Very inspiring.

  • Thank you so much :) 

  • My partner first went to the doctors 23rd June last year.The doctor was great got things moving straight away.

    Its too late to do anything the cancer is very aggressive and as spread.What bothers me is that she went to a Well Woman clinic in Feburary where Vivien told the nurse she was not losing weight but was watching what she was eating and doing plenty of walking.

    Vivien was asked if she drunk which Vivien explained she had a couple glasses of wine a night which the nurse explained was the reason why she was not losing weight.Surely the nurse maybe should advised Vivien to go to doctors to be checked out.


  • Hi Craig,

    What you said about the nurses's comment made me very cross, yes , she should have been trained in Ovarian as she was working in a Well Women clinic, and said - best get checked out at the Drs.

    But it seems that even GPs are not up to speed with diagnosing it, as I found out and constantly hear .

    Took five visits to different gps, one to a & e, and until I said I would pay for an ultra scan they were telling me I had gall stones.

  • Hi Trix

    Got to admit Vivien's Doctor was spot on, was at Hospital within 10 days.

    Craig x

  • I was lucky with my GP for sure, but in general we have to do better with training and awareness x 

  • Well done, good article and the photos are great! xx

  • Thank you! :) xx

  • Hi, well done and I have shared on fb also.

    All the best for your remission. X

  • Thank you Trix. All the best to you too x 

  • Just read your article. Well done. Nothing wrong with your photo, its nice. Ann x

  • Thank you lovely Ann! x 

  • That's great well done.

  • Cheers, Lesley - hope you are doing well x 

  • Great article & pics - fantastic - great idea - & the Just Giving too - may these benefit many, many women!

  • I sure hope so! Thanks so much x 

  • I think that's a brilliant article and particularly because it lists the symptoms so clearly. It was strange though not to have included your name or did I miss it. Fantastic bit of awareness-raising and fundraising. Are you on the Target 1000 Facebook Group where we share fundraising ideas? It's always a complex process matching up screen names on different sites to the real person.

    I thought your article and photos were super. I have a friend who did an article in her local paper. There was a big photo of her, and above, the heading: 'The Silent Killer'. We had a huge laugh as she lives on Dartmoor just a few miles from their high security prison. lol

  • Oh my gosh! That is hilarious. I suppose I must consider myself lucky I wasn't labelled a silent killer too! I'm follow the TOC Facebook page but haven't joined the 1000 -- thank you for the reminder to do that! xx 

  • Well done you xxx (and the photos are lovely!)

  • Thank you :) 

  • Hi Kerry. Well done on your raising awareness article. Any woman reading it will be left in no doubt as to what signs to look for . We are all the victims of a dreadful lack of awareness not alone among women but also amongst the medical profession who can dismiss symptoms all too readily as happened in my case and many others. I have been thinking of using my own FB page to make my friends aware and the word should spread that way. I am a bit wary of Facebook so I have to think how to go about it. Anyway I just wanted to let you know you get my thumbs up !


  • Thank you so much! I do know some women who have chosen not to talk about it on their Facebook, it's a personal decision isn't it? I kept it to myself for a while then I chose to start talking about it. I'm sure loads of people are sick of me talking about it at this point, to be honest :) But I reckon if it helps even one person, it's worth it. Thanks for the kind words xxx 

  • 3 of us in my neck of the woods are doing an interview this evening to raise awareness.

    Well done to Holby City for including ovarian cancer in their storyline last night.

    Good for you for your wonderful article ,it has given me something to lean on this evening.So a big thanks to you .

  • Oh well done! And a big thanks to you as well :)

  • Nice article, it's good to see the papers taking an interest too. Raising awareness hopefully will encourage others to do the same as me and change GP, I wouldn't be here now if I hadn't. I was shocked how many people still think it shows up on a smear test.

    Well done you

    LA xx

  • Thanks so much LA - I hope it helps even one person xx 

  • Well done Girl!

    Looking good and now feeling great!

    Any advertising is good and I'm sure it has brought the disease to a lot of unsuspecting women who are totally unaware of the symptoms.

    Love Carole xx

  • Thanks so much Carole! I hope it did help someone, somewhere. Hope you are doing well. xxx 

  • I'm doing good Hun, glad you are too,hope to do some good works myself, but am tied up with my daughters wedding until June and looking after my Grandchild every week, so feel like im doing something usefull!

    Keep up the good work and keep in touch xxx

  • Ooh how exciting! You must be so looking forward to it, and I'm sure running around after the little one is more than useful, to all involved! I'm so pleased for you - take very good care & you keep in touch as well please :) xxx 

  • Well done Kerry. Great article. Keep up the good work. X x

  • Thanks so much, lovely. I hope you are faring okay xx 

  • Well done Kerry . What a great article ☺️

  • Thank you lovely! x

  • Absolutely great article, feel certain it will spread the word!!

    Sadly what really concerns me is the continuing lack of knowledge with some GPs which more often than not lead to late diagnosis and advanced disease!

    I consulted 5 GPs before I had a scan referral which was still delayed as she went on holiday and forgot to send it!! Another GP told me to take paracetamol when I described my severe abdominal pain.

    With hindsight I should have gone to A@ E, but we ways trust GPs to give safe advice. Obviously not always. No one ever apologised to me for reducing my life expectancy. And U will never accept their argument that OV is difficult to diagnose. A simple blood test is generally what's needed and a scan, which I know is expensive, but nowhere near the costs of surgery and chemo.

    GPs have to up theirgame with cancer diagnosis and where there is doubt refer!!

    Jackie O

  • I couldn't agree more, Jackie! And if the annual smear test also included an overall exam that included palpating the ovaries, as it does it in the States, my tumour would likely have been detected 6 months earlier. Short-term cost cutting measures resulting in much bigger expenses in both of our cases. Hope you are doing well now x 

  • Awesome, well done you, excellent article and photo. Sharing this to all my friends ❤xx Jane

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