Ovarian pain on the left side

Hello I'm new here I have been having on going pain on my left abdominal area right on the ovarie. I have a partial hysterectomy one year ago. The pain I have had has effected my daily activities. I have lots of bloating aches that go to my lower back and today started getting nauseous. I have had 3 ULtrasound 1 CT scan and nothing can be found. Has any on out there had these problems after a partial hyterectomy any information would help thank you.

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  • Hi Lorraine, I had a partial hysterectomy 10 years ago and I am having the same symptoms as you, it's constant pain in left ovary, lower back pain and bloating like you wouldn't believe and my lymph nodes in groin and thighs are swollen. I had a Ultrasound scan and they found a cyst (which has now gone) but the pain is still constant. I am due to have a laparoscopy in a couple of weeks. A couple of suggestions by my consultant for the causes of my pain are that the Ovary may be trapped under the bowel, scar tissue from my hysterectomy or endometriosis still present. My consultant has suggested that the Ovary may need to be taken out but they can't make that decision until they open me up.

    Go back to your GP asked them for another referral and insist on a laparoscopy. Good luck and I hope you're sorted soon xx

  • I suggest you get a second opinion as clearly you are distressed and in pain. Take care. Xxx

  • I think you should look for a gp apt on Monday and take it from there, the doctors do have a duty of care to discover what is causing the pain and discomfort, you are not getting better so just return to gp and get a referral or a second opinion

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