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Ascites drained but stil can't eat

Dear Warriors

Hope you are all keeping well. I was discharged last night after spending almost 2 nights in hospital after ascites draining. They got like 2.8 litres fluid out. I felt relieved and could eat rice for lunch as well as dinner. But no BM. This morning I had noodles for lunch and I am in so much pain now. My stomach is very tight and very painful at the diaphragm. But I did poo after taking 2 dulcolax tablets.

Does anyone know if this is 'normal' after draining? Would appreciate any one with experience to share or any advise to give.

Thank you. Feeling miserable.


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Hi greensnow,

I too had lots of ascite drained and still couldn't eat,the only thing that got me back on track was taking Omaprezole,for me it was a wonder drug.

After my op. I was vomiting acid,(sorry!) but within a day of taking this,my appetite came back and I haven't stopped eating since!

I would speak to your team and describe your symptoms and maybe mention this,see what they say,

All the best,

Carole xxx


Hi Carole

Thanks for your excellent sharing. I bought the omaeprazole immediately after your reply. It has helped and am able to eat. Sad to say my stomach is bloated again. Have appt with Onco tmrw to review my ct scan. 😢

God bless us all



Hi Greensnow,

Sennacot helps with the bowel movements, I also included in my diet,prunes,baked beans and Brussels sproats.

I'm glad you are eating something,but share all your problems with your onc tomorow and good luck.

Let us know how you get on

Carole xxx


Hello there .. I'm sorry you feel poorly. I think you should see your GP if you have cramping abdominal pain. Xxx


Maybe try some Maalox or something like that if you have it, if not I would go to gp, perhaps your tummy just went into spasm after eating that would happen with all the upset,


Hi. I too had the drain. I'm on a daily dose of Omeprazole, Metroclomide (empties stomach) and Movicol to help with constipation. I guess my insides have nearly given up! But I am able to stomach small meals three times a day, which is the bonus.

I'm doing 4 weekly Caelix chemo for platignam resistant ovarian that's now spread to Peritonium and nodes, so guess this is now the new 'Normal'.


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