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Symptoms of recurrence

Hello ladies,

I was wondering if any of you could shed some light on recurrence symtoms. Im worried for my mum again as she is experiencing a slight thickening in her central abdomen. Pain only when she pushes very hard but no other symptoms. She went to gp today who is reffering her for an ultrasound and mammogram, CA125 as well. So just waiting on results. She is a very active lady. Her job involves lifting heavy bread crates and boxes plus getting home to cleaning constantly (she is a clean freak! Lol) walking dog, mowing lawn every other day it seems. I think she may have pulled something. I hope its nothing sinister xxxxx

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HI Livk90 I am glad your Mum is getting a scan, it maybe a hernia from all the lifting and dragging. Try and not jump the gun yet about recurrence. If the worst comes to the worst well there are plently of treatments available for recurrence. Lets see what the scan shows, I know its hard now to worry and it is alway to the forefront when we get aches and pains. But your gp is being proactive and hopefully its nothing sinister


Hi suzuki,

Thank you for your reply. Yes I have to admit we have a fantastic GP who has been very proactive since mums diagnosis. Unfortunately we do have to wait 2 weeks, 31st of August for the ultrasound. When i ask her to describe the symptoms she says it doesn't hurt, more of an uncomfortable feeling as though a thickening just to the right of her scar. She says when she presses it, she knows something is there and its uncomfortable. But worse when she's at work. Her toilet habits have become more frequent so GP has prescribed buscopan (can't remember how its spelt) in case it is symptoms of ibs. CA125 has been taken and hoping for results Friday/Monday xx


Do tell your mum that when she's finished cleaning her house, she can pop round and do mine!

Seriously, I don't know, but would like to know, what the symptoms of recurrence are. It may well be that your mum has overdone things with lifting heavy crates (not sure how long ago her op was). Your GP is obviously on the ball sending her for these tests. Wishing your mum all the best!. Helen


Hi Helen,

Hehe i will send her over to you! She really does overdo things when i tell her to relax and ill do it she wont. She is a very tough lady and house proud. Her op was October 2014 and her chemo (carbo/Taxol) ended April last year. Diagnosed stage 1c Xx


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