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Hi ladies went for a routine scan today was calleas it is 12 month since last one bloods were ok at review just had scan to be sure all is ok

When I was called through I mentioned I had not been given the contrast drink which I always had previously

Was informed they don't think it's needed any more just wondered if you ladies are the same at your hospitals

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  • I've had one without contrast at my one year check in 2013 but once it was back they wanted contrast. So it sounds as if they not expecting any lurkers which is great

    LA xx

  • I had a scan about 6 months back, their scanner was broken so they had a portable one in a big lorry. We had to sit in the hospital back entrance area as a waiting room. They gave us each a bottle of water to drink, I asked why not the sticky yucky stuff and she said they couldn't make it there as they didn't have a sink and that actually water was just as good?!?! I was flummoxed, why make us drink that goop?? X

  • Over the last two year, I've never had to drink anything special, just lots of water - I have the contrast injected. Think I'd throw up if I had to drink gloop! Deb x

  • I had that recently and was told that they now do the scan differently?! TBH I was so pleased not to have to drink the drink, I didn't even question it!


  • I'm from Australia always have contrast thru my portacath I don't think I could handle having to drink yucky stuff

  • I wouldn't worry too much. I assumed the drink was for highlighting the intestine and stomach. I guess they aren't expecting to see anything to worry about.

  • I always have contrast with my scans except for one occasion because they couldn't get the cannula in. I asked them what would happen thinking I would have to come back. The answer came back they will have to look a bit harder!! Which they did I thought well there is always a back up plan. 😃 Still have them last one 6 weeks ago with contrast. I usually go for the lemon mixture luckily I like the taste. Regards Barbara

  • Hello, in the 5 yrs I've had (and still have) CTs I always have to drink about 1 litre of water first - what they call CT with contrast. It helps the dye they inject, just before the scan, to show up tumours over 5cm. Apparently the dye is a sugary solution which the tumours love - sounds like they are feeding pet bugs, doesn't it. I haven't had more than 6 months remission so CTs have been 6 or 4 monthly....but I'm still here!

  • Hi I think it depends on the hospital . I have had quite a few scans with out just drinking 2 pints of water instead . I have asked why hospitals are different and I was told they find the results are the same with water .

  • Delighted to read of someone doing so well. Thank u for posting

    Best wishes

  • Hello. I don't have the contrast any more, they said just water is ok now. I still fast and have nothing for an hour before them they give me a litre of water to drink over an hour before the scan, as they used to do with the contrast. I hope that's true and it's not just saving money!

  • Just read through the other replies. I still have the injected contrast.

  • Hi there

    My recent one was only a few weeks ago and I was given the drink to take over 2 hours before the dye injection and scan. Unless your hospital has some new type of scan I never heard or read that things changed. Maybe they just forgot or did they tell you in advance you would not be getting the drink ? It's worth asking them and maybe we will all benefit from not having to drink the unappealing drink in the future. Take care


  • I'm having scans every 3 months, had the last less than a month ago. I still have to drink stuff - gastrografin diluted in water - beforehand, as well as having the contrast injection. Di

  • My last scan in May I had to drink the dreadful goop and got an extra glass just before the scan to be sure, I always get a contrast dye. Great fun that day because I had hip xrays just before the xrays,

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