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Thank you for the Taxol/Carbo advice

Thank you all for the great advice both practical and emotional.

It has been such a great help to me to realise that it may not be as bad as I envisaged. I feel empowered to ask for help if needed and if all you lovely ladies have got through it in such good spirits I'm sure that I can too!! I have taken all the advice on board and written a number of lists.

I have a kidney test on Friday to make sure they are working ok. I do not have an exact date yet as to when the chemo will start, but based on what I have been told it should be the following week. I'll keep you all posted on how it goes.

Thanks again, Helen

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Hi Helen I didn't reply to your earlier post as I think lots of the other wonderful ladies on here have already givenlots of good advice but I did just want to wish you well. Do keep us posted, feel free to ask any questions, have a rant if you like if times get tough, I'm sure one of us will pop us with some information/advice that may help. Sending you a big hug. Kathy xxx


Wishing you well and that the chemo goes without too many side effects,

Mandy, xx

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Hi Helen - like Katmal I didn't reply as you were given such sound words of wisdom from others. I'm going through same regime for the 2nd time and seriously if you embrace your good days and don't beat yourself up if you're feeling a bit low at times ( it's inevitable ) you won't go far wrong!

Good luck 🍀🍀


Hi Helen, sorry, like the others who have replied to this post, I didn't respond to your first one, sorry. I'm currently going through carbo/taxol and had cycle 5 of 6 on 4 July. I'm sure you were given lots of good advice. Good luck with your treatment. Ann x

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