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Prolapse / stomach pain continuously

Hi everyone I'm knew to this site I'm usually on the COPD British lungfuction site ,but ,back in April this year I was diagnosed with a prolapse ,I saw the consultant in May and I wasn't able to have the pessery fitted as there was no room for it ,

I'm aged 70 ,I have COPD and underactive thyroid ,and high blood pressure ,,,,I was prescribed internal hormone pessery twice a week ,,,,,how ever ,,,I'm not leek in at all ,,I do get constipated but I've been prescribed laxatives for that ,,,. The main problem I have is the chronic stomach pain and enlarged stomach ,even wearing my bra is most uncomfortable ,I'm do to go to Devon at the end of the month ,,, not looking forward to that ,,,,is the pain due to the prolapse ? ???? I'm thinking it's something worse ,I've not had an X-ray or anything just internal ,any advise would be gratefully received ,

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Hi, Nanny1086, it sounds like a trip to your GP is needed.

You might do well to keep a diary of your symptoms, as a clear record of what you have been going through might help your GP to reach a diagnosis. As you have come to a site specialising in ovarian cancer, I assume that you are worried that your symptoms are pointing that way. Here is a link to Ovacome's symptom tracker, which you might find useful: . There are other symptom trackers out there, which you can find if you search for them on the internet - some are paper-based rather than online, which you might prefer. The online ones will normally print you a report on request that you can take to your GP.

Do ask for help. You should not have to suffer on your own.

Good luck in reaching a speedy diagnosis!



Thank you so much ,I hate this feeling of not being in control of my Body,with my lungs ,,,,that's different I've lived with that problem for over 20 years and I know how to deal with those problems ,,,but this ,,well it's knocked me for six ,thanks again I will definitely take a look at that link ,and I will see my GP tomorrow hopefully ,thanks again,take care lots of love and best wishes ,😘💐

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I would definitely go and see your GP about your enlarged stomach. Can't offer any diagniosis though!! As Barbara has said use the symptom tracker too and discuss any you have with your doctor - you shouldn't have to suffer like this and it's effecting your everyday life which is not good.

Take care

Clare x

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Thank you choski,I will use the symptom tracker ,and hopefully see my GP tomorrow,thanks again ,take care ,💐😘😘

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