Can chemo drugs be excreted through skin?

Hi Folks (especially gardeners)

This may be a daft idea but I've been having real trouble getting seeds to germinate that I've sown by hand this spring. My lovely hubby had the idea that it might be the chemo drugs coming out in my perspiration and onto the seeds. I've been on Carbo/Taxol since february-just finished. Anyone got any thoughts?

love to all

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  • I am sure the body gets rid of it any which way it through the skin would seem to fit. Whether that made your seeds unwilling is anyone's guess...could also have been the cold spring?

    Don't give up the gardening though! Xx Lyndall

  • I'm sure they must - just as if you have lots of garlic it comes through the skin. When my mum is on chemo, she says her skin smells different, like a slight scent of burning. I can also smell it on her.

  • I agree I think it comes out of your pores to.

    Your husband will have to do the planting for a bit, you can give the orders, don't give up especially if you enjoy it xx

  • My mom who is undergoing chemo says that she sweats it all out at night and it's not a pleasant smell. Hope that helps xx

  • Whilst my mum was having her chemo, after showering, the flannel ended up having a big black patch on it. She thought it must be the chemo coming through her skin!!

  • Wow-thanks everyone! I can't say I've ever noticed a smell on my skin-I'll have to ask the rest of the family. I shall keep trying-the garden is one thing that has kept me sane over the last few months. xxx

  • I share your passion for gardening and also have an allotment. I hope you carry on. This year has been odd for seeds for me too - 1 cucumber survived, 4 out of gazillions of beetroot, but all the tomatoes. Strange. I too see gardening as a way of keeping positive and it makes me happy. You could get some seedlings and wear thin latex or similar gloves when planting or handling...... Good luck.

  • That's interesting. I've had trouble with cucumber too. I think it was just too cold for them here in the wilds of Shropshire! The tomatoes are fine but I sowed them with tweezers to spread them out. How obsessive is that??

    The garden has been my lifeline through all this. It's got me outside doing stuff and focuses my mind on something other than the cancer.

    I'm giving up with carrots! If I do get any to germinate, something is eating the seedlings!

  • I had an old iron bath filled with compost (on the allotment rather than in the bathroom ha ha) ready to plant carrots as I had heard that carrot fly doesn't go higher than 60cms. But I lost the packet of seeds and ended up putting in lettuces - worked really well. Wish the weather was not so wet as it does put you off going out. Take care.

  • I think it does too - my mum's dog smells me and won't sit near me whilst i am on chemo and she's usually my numer one fan.

    Interesting about the seedings......

    Happy gardening - keep persevering. Remember to wear gloves to avoid the bugs in soil.

    Sandra x

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