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I have been advised to get a portacath before I start first line chemo due to very poor veins. It's 6 cycles of carboplatin only so once every 3 weeks but weekly bloods. My question is with regards to removal of the devise. I woukd like to have it removed when finished as I don't need the constant reminder nor do I plan to have a recurrencešŸ˜‚. Is removal a big deal and in the event of needing it again if there is reoccurrence will there b a problem with reinsertion

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  • Hi Bonnie

    Theresa no hassle at all with portacath's either getting them in or taking them out. Best things ever got, makes my life a lot simpler :).

    Trish xx

  • That's good to hear thanks a mil

  • A portacath is a life saver it makes getting your chemo so much easier. I have mine 3 and a half years and am on chemo for 3rd time .I was hoping to get it removed after a couple of years but the cancer came back so it will stay with me for ever or is replaced.I look at it as my war wound.Kittie

  • A picc line or a central line are a less permanent solution. I don't intend to have mine removed thats why I went for a portacath

  • Ditto with all the above x

  • Dear Bonnie, I had a port in 2008 and I can't remember anything about it being removed (I can remember every horrible blood test or chemo into my veins) so that is how minor the removal is. I am having another port put in on Thursday under local anaesthetic. It will make chemo and blood tests so much easier. My veins are rubbish after the 3 sessions of chemo I had before the port was put in. I may even keep this in for a period of time after chemo ends so that future blood tests can be taken easily. If I had a concern last time it was feeling something 'alien' inside me. But my relief at avoiding painful and difficult blood tests and chemo cannulas was overwhelming. I hope this helps and good luck. T. X

  • Hi Bonnie

    I have a portacath, the best thing I've had done too. It's nowhere near as obstuisve as a PICC and so easy to maintain and to be honest I forget that it's there. I know what you mean about it being a reminder though but it's so much easier for follow up bloods etc. I've had mine for only 18 months now and anticipate it being there much longer


  • Had mine for almost three years. At first I could not even stand it when I took a shower. Now I only think of it for monthly labs and my scans every six months. I have no plans to remove it. Best thing I ever did!!

  • Hi I have a port after 2 Hickman lines which is a god send my cancer has been reoccurring so for me it is a much easier choice flush once a month and can be used for scans which seemed to be coming a problem. If you prefer not to keep it in a Hickman maybe another option as you are having weekly blood tests as the flush is weekly so no need for district nurse same system for picc line. Talk you choices through and I am sure you will choose which is for you. Good luck Barbara

  • Hello

    I had a porthacath fitted six months ago and it is brilliant. I had a few initial troubles with treatments with different nurses accessing it but then I had the same efficient nurse and haven't looked back. Mine is the most slimline porthacath they make and is sited quite low so rarely visible with clothes. The only downside is that they need to be flushed every four weeks after treatment finishes. I am going to keep mine fitted but I guess that depends on your stage of cancer and likelihood of recurrence etc. I went through such agonies with getting viable veins I wish I'd had it done a year ago. All best wishes

  • I had a port put in before I started my 6 mo. Every Thursday carb/tax. Was the best thing I ever did. That was in Nov of 2014. Finished my chemo in April of 2015. I go every 3 months now for blood work to check C125 levels. Dr says I am now cancer free but they need to check for another 8 months to be sure. If I didn't have the port my arms and wherever would be a real mess. I don't even feel it, it's about the size of a quarter. Sure better than getting poked in the arms, or hand, sometimes they can't even find a good vein. No problem now.

  • Hi Bonnie, I had a portacath in 2001 when I had breast cancer and don't remember any hassle with having it removed. I have one now since June 2015 and it will remain until I finish Avastin early next year I guess


  • stage 4 here so will be keeping my powerport. its been in a year, i no longer notice it. would have it replaced in a heartbeat if need be. spares you so much unnecessary pain. heaven knows we get enough pain that cant be prevented. good luck!

  • I have TWO port a caths. I LOVE THEM. One on upper chest and the other on my upper abdomen for intraperitoneal chemo, which appears to be working fantastically as CA125 dropped to normal after starting IP chemo. I have had these for 7 months, between the two of them they have been accessed approximately 100 times. Be sure to carry the ID card that specifies what size needle to use when they are accessed. I am in US. I hope they give the ID cards out in UK.

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