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2nd chemo

2nd chemo

Hi all

Bit lethargic this morning as I had a long chemo day yesterday the day st rated at 08.00 and finished 4.15 so quite a long day, the taxol is three hours on its own without the premed a running through the flushing then Carbo.

The good news was my oncologist is really happy with my C125 results as after my first line I have reduced from 690 to 125 so any side effects are well worth it when the chemo is doing what it's meant to do. my HB was even better than before I started treatment so she complimented on my husbands cooking skills and perseverance with me.

The rest of my bloods are borderline but she is very happy with my progress.

She has put me on 3 Piriton a day as my body is showing signs of sensitivity towards the Taxol but not allergic so I came home jumping for joy ( not physically though ) but big smiles. Also loving my new wig not much difference from my own hair


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Wow Ellsey great to hear you are doing well. I was going to say lovely pic, read your post and was stunned to read you have a wig? Looking good! Hope you continue doing so well. Take care, Kathy xxx


Wonderful photo and great to hear of positive results so far. Keep on with the Piriton, I came up with a red, itchy rash over my neck and head which is still here 4 days post chemo 3. Whilst the itch has gone my Oncologist had to reduce the dose of the Taxol due to this plus I have mild neuropathy in my thumbs. Yes it's a long day in the chair isn't it?

Your photo is great, if that is your wig it is amazing and so natural. Due to my side effects I've had three changes of anti sickness meds and am now on Emend, I felt off yesterday (day 3) but am hopeful that my usual bad days of day 4 & 5 will not appear later today.

Keep on smiling

Clare x


So good to hear you are doing well with treatment so it gives you encouragement to continue and put up with side effects. Your hair looks amazing, I was wondering what treatment you were on with that hair do, it is so realistic. So onwards and upwards and wishing you well


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