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Operation 17th May

Saw consultant again on Wed he has brought operation forward to Tuesdsy.

Laparoscopy with view to hysterectomy and debulking. He still thinks will be unable to operate and that I will need. Chemo first. I have everything crossed !!!

Finished work yesterday and actually cried for the first time since all this started. It just seemed to make it all real. As if the pain and looking pregnant isn't enough to make it real!

But at least I now feel I am last on a journey of recovery. X

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At least they are taking positive steps towards treatment. It does creep up on you now and then. I've worked a few hours this week and am wondering how wise it was. We are all rooting for you. Fingers crossed for Wed

LA xx

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Good for you on all counts..having a cry and getting ready for the off on your treatment ..you will feel more settled once you've started. All best wishes xxx Lyndall

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All best wishes for next Tuesday, you will be fine and well on the road to recovery.xx

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Hi, I replied to your post on working a week ago and am pleased hear your surgery has been brought forward giving you less time to worry about it. It is quite natural to cry at leaving work, because as you say it makes the whole thing more real.

As others have said, it is easier once you have started on treatment because then you feel something is being done to deal with the disease instead of all the waiting you have had to do. I found surgery was far less daunting than expected and I do hope yours will go smoothly on Tuesday and that you will get the best care possible while you are in hospital.

All good wishes for Tuesday and your continuing journey,



Barbara thank you so much for your support. I am not anxious (yet!) just really keen to get it all started. Frustrating not knowing until after I wake up what they will have done.

I am I silly to hold on to hope that they can get it all out cleanly and not have chemo ? Or that it isn't actually cancer just loads cysts ???

The thought process is driving me nuts !! Am trying to stay really busy. Everyone keeps telling me to rest but then the thinking starts. I need just to try and be normal.

Family think I'm not taking it seriously. I am but find trying to ignore it helps me. I hide taking the pain killers so they don't think I'm in pain. I read everyone's post as feel you all understand.



I was told they wouldn't know until they actually got inside what exactly would be the extent of the surgery. They mentioned possible spread to bowel and possibility of needing a stoma but I think they tell everyone that just in case, but I think it is an outside chance.

From what you have said in your other posts it does sound likely to be cancer, but they won't know for sure until they operate. If it is cancer it is probably more realistic to expect to have chemo but again as many others on the site have said, chemo is doable and not as awful as you might expect. You will take it in your stride if you need to have it and be cared for by wonderful people as others on this forum have experienced.

Do whatever you need to do to cope at this time regardless of what the family think. This is one time in your life to put yourself first however you need to show that. If being busy and trying to ignore it helps, then use that as a coping strategy which is helping you at this time.

Again I wish you all the best for Tuesday and do come back to me if you have any other questions though can't guarantee I will be able to answer them!

Take good care of yourself,


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Thank you for your reply Barbara.

I am now just going to except what happens. I can't change anything.

At least whatever they do tomorrow it's a step on the path to sorting out whatever it is.

Hospital have called to say op is first thing tomorrow which is good. So I may be home in the evening ...... Or not !!!

Sarah x


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