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Blocked Bile Duct (Liver)

Hi All,

Mum is now half way through her carbo/caelyx treatment and the scan she has just had midway showed she had very enlarged bile duct from her liver, they have said its either scar tissue & if it is they can put a stent in to help it drain and make mum more comfortable. The other thing it could be is deposits of the OC & not sure what they will do then, I'm guessing maybe look at other treatment options. The scan had no mention of the spots of cancer on her liver so we think that's reduced which is great. I suppose my question is has anyone else had scar tissue in their bile ducts and if so what causes it? 

Any stories or information would be appreciated. Xx

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m sorry i cant offer any experiences or advice, i wanted to let you know that I'd read your post and was thinking of you and your mum. It may be worth having a chat with the specialist OvaCome nurse to run this past her. Her number is 0800 008 7054.

Take care 



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