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kidney stones

My mam is 68 she had major surgery for kindney stones some of them were unable to be removed. She has been out of hospital for 7 months at a weight of 9 st, she is now approx 7.5 st and struggling to keep her meals down also in much pain most of the time and with water infections evry other week.

Any help and avice to build her appetite up a little to help her beat this  please.......

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I would suggest you bring your mother back to her gp perhaps she needs to be referred back to consultant.   In the meantime,  four small meals might be more appealing than three larger ones daily.

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She is making regular appointments to the consultants that carried out the operation,we tell them what we are keeping her going in which is veg soup and mash,they keep saying give it a little more time and they pruscribe her these nutrition shakes that i give to my 5 year old daughter.....we are at our wits ends now as the weight is decreasing not increasing......worried family....


Hi, how upsetting for you. I would take your mum to her gp today if you can. No one should suffer pain in this day & age.


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