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Peritoneal Stranding?


Hi Ladies,

Just wondered if any one had heard of 'peritoneal stranding' I had a CT scan a few weeks ago and this showed up in the results. My oncologist said that she didn't know what stranding was and that my scan showed 'no clear evidence of disease'. I'm just a little worried I've done a search of the internet and cannot find anything definitive. Any info would be helpful.

Thank you, Helen x

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Hi Helen.

I was told the same after my scan. I was told the bulk of my disease had gone to 'stranding'. I too googled it and found nothing.

Are you having surgery next? I had mine exactly a week ago . My surgeon said he got all the cancer out.

Good luck in your journey. Xxx

HelenMA in reply to Suzanne333

Hi Suzanne, Thank you for your reply. I've already had surgery, on 2 June. My surgeon told me the same thing that he removed all the cancer, but i'm still having Chemo as a mop up.

Hope all goes well for you x

Hi Helen. I have to say Ive never heard of it and the only mention on the internet seems to be related to fat. Is yr dr going to try to find out what they mean? Bit odd to give you information but not the meaning. I hope you arent stressing too much especially as your scan results sound so positive! Wishing you well, do let us know if you find out what it means. Kathy xx

HelenMA in reply to Katmal-UK

Hi Kathy, I've put it down on my list of questions for next time I see her. She was just very vague, said it might be due to surgery!! I'll let you know what I find out.

Wishing you well, Helen x

Hi I have had "fat stranding" on ct scans after finishing chemo. The oncologist said it was a term the radiologist used for scarring or stretching of the peritoneum where the tumor had been. Both times there no other signs of the cancer. Morag

HelenMA in reply to govanhill

Thank you Morag, I was hoping it would be something like that, although I wasn't told I had any sort of tumor in my peritoneum. I'll try and consentrate on the positive.

Hope all is still well with you x

No I think the stranding can be on different tissue its just that mine was on the peritoneum. If you google fat stranding you should get info. Morag

I have had stranding on what remains of my omentum and there were very small sites of disease.

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