Little Experiment!!!

Good evening all!

I have read about the benefits of Epsom salts baths and some of you mentioned it so I decided to committ to a little experiment for post chemo no 5! I have had a 15 to 20 min salts bath every night since treatment on the 9th March. Its the only thing I did differently and I have felt some serious benefits first of all I am getting more sleep and the post infusion wall came quicker on day 5 but was shorter and to be honest today which is day 10 I feel really good! Don't get me wrong I am still fatigued but it's better than no 4 even went back to work a day early!!! I don't know if it's real or I have just convinced myself but I am happy so I actually don't care!!! Interesting little experiment!!!

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  • I'm a huge fan of Epsom baths. Been using them for years with my daughter for her food issues. Now I use them post chemo. Had one last night.

    Great that you saw the benefits. Go you 😊


  • I'm going to give it a go if it means a good nights sleep, glad you are feeling good xxx

  • That is good D. You know it was the old cure for pains and aches in my grandparents time. The problem with me is that we got rid of the bath before I got ill so I use a basin mostly. If we get away for the weekend, I do take a tub with me and use it where ever we stay. I do find it relaxing.

  • Suzuki soaking your feet in a basin with some salts works equally as well. Maybe not as relaxing but you do get the benefits of the Epsom salts.

  • Yes and you have to do it for 20mins at least. Found that when I was on Carbo/taxol it helped immensely with foot pain and of course Heavenly Feet shoes.

  • And yes it was my grandmothers favourite that and bicarbonate soda, which I also use to settle stomachs. Sometimes the old remedies are the best 😊

  • Hi love,

    Have never tried it but I have aching bones and will get some next week, can't do any harm can it?


  • No I dont think so, I have been using it on and off for years and it definitely helped the feet. However I should have used it more often maybe. Apparently you soak the magnesium in the salts into your body and that is how it works

  • Is there a particular brand we should go for? On Amazon they have 'medical grade' and 'food grade' xx

  • Hey DM,

    I got a tub in Boots I am not at home so cannot check at the min but I think it just said pure or something like that! It was is the medicine section in Boots! I will check when I get home tmrw and let you know!


  • cheers mate x

  • DM,

    The product I got in Boots is called ultra pure and wasn't too expensive I think it was just under 4 euro. It's just a white tub of Epsom salts 500g. But I have seen posts on other boards about getting larger quantities in the vets as they use it for horses and they sell it in wholesale amounts cheaply!! Haven't explored that Avenue just yet!!!

    Good Luck!


  • I have used this on a sick chicken with success (advice from a US chicken keeping site). She seemed to like it anyway sitting in her washing up bowl, with nice warm water. I still have the tub but It's past its best before date. Do you think it matters? Ankle pains have started up following Cycle 4 on Wednesday, and I was thinking of having a go. It doesn't say, "Use By" which I think is the one you must obey, just, "Best Before." Helen

  • To be honest I don't know Helen but I would imagine that it's one of those things that lasts a long time!! I am not one for being rigid about best before dates if it's not food........not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing........ 😂😂😂😂

  • Try to find an independent chemist.

    Boots is a very expensive way of buying something you want to be able to be generous with.

    I get 1.5 kg of "Genteel" Epsom salts for about £4.00.

  • I have a bath with two cups of bicarbonate of soda in it. I went to a cancer clinic in Germany for 5 weeks and we had to do this every night for half an hour to alkalise the body.

    We used the Epsom salts to do a liver flush which was an interesting experience :-)

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