Back from Gynae outpatients clinic

Hiya, for those that have been following my story would just like to tell you that after going for my appt today they couldn't find anything near my ovaries or uterus and they looked perfectly normal. When I told the consultant about my previous thought of a hernia after trying to push the car out of the way he agreed and said he would write a letter to my doctor. So I guess I will be leaving this forum now but first I would like to thank those that responded and secondly wish you all well .

Kindest regards Liz xxxxx

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  • Fantastic Snoopy you must be very relieved!!!! 

    Onwards and Upwards!!


  • Brilliant news, so pleased for you.  Maybe you need to leave the car pushing to someone else in future!  All the very best .  Kathy xx

  • Hi Snoopy that is the best news ever best of luck with your next consult.

  • Great news xx

  • That's wonderful news!  Continue to follow your Specialists appointments.  Be well

  • Great news - good to get an update. X X x

  • Really happy for you, though a hernia is painful for you. But onwards and upwards. Good luck for the future xx

  • Brilliant news.  Ann

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