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Suburban Turban

A lovely friend sent me some vouchers for the above website. they do fab hats for ladies who've lost their hair.........but also fringes!! I ordered one and it's wonderful. The real hair is just as it says; a fringe and short bob of hair that will curl around the face. It comes on a 'rambo' like band that fits around your head and then has poppers to fix into a hat! You could also use velcro I suspect....My hairdresser styled it for me and it looks so natural and will be great in the summer when the wig is too hot. Could also be worn under scarves. My friends and family have been amazed and very complimentary and of course, being real hair, it can be styled!

I'd never heard of the website so thought I'd pass it on. Definitely recommended.

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I love Suburbanturban..bought my favourite beanie hat from them xx

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I'd never heard of it before the vouchers arrived from my friend - but it's great isn't it?! and the fringes are amazing! xx


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