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Bone Marrow biopsy


I haven't posted before but thought I'd try to prevent those people about to have a bone marrow biopsy from worrying ! I'm seen by Dr. Paul Smith at the Wrexham Maelor Hospital and have been on watch and wait since diagnosis of CLL in July 2013. I have regular 6 monthly blood check ups and at my last check up on 23.2.16 my WBC had dropped to 2.8 and neutrophil count was 0.6. Paul Smith wants to know what's going on and advised a bone marrow biopsy - He told me not to worry and that he's been doing the procedure for a number of years. I went yesterday - he and Val his nurse were brilliant ! He set the scene by playing rock music during the whole of the procedure after telling me what was going to happen - I'd feel a sharp stinging for a few seconds and then some pushing. The whole procedure took no more than 20 minutes and I had a cup of tea afterwards. I've heard that Paul Smith is good but he is brilliant and has absolutely no airs and graces. He put me at my ease and was talking to me all the time to ensure that he wasn't causing too much pain. I must admit to some trepidation about the procedure but I needn't have worried.

Going back for the results on 22 March 2016 !

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So glad you've had a good experience with this - & thanks so much for sharing. I haven't need this procedure - but you never know .... - & your experience is reassuring. Hope your results are good news for you.

Hi Walter, glad to hear you had a fairly pleasant experience and although I also never needed this it is reassuring to hear its not as bad as what people say. You actually posted on Ovarian Cancer site, there may be a site for CLL I am not sure. I have a friend with CLL and she is on new trial at the moment and is doing well here across the sea. Thanks for sharing and I hope you find the right site for support on here. Maybe contact Health Unlocked, take care

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