Scottish lassies

Hi everyone,

I am in Perth and wondered if there were any women who'd like to meet up, exchange phone numbers, emails etc to discuss treatment options.

I read that women with a strong support network of people going through the same experience tend to do a bit better, plus it would be lovely to chat to others. I sometimes feel like I am I the Twilight Zone dealing with this disease day in day out.

I am stage 3c, and had a second recurrence in April. I am in watch and wait which is my choice, but it is so hard knowing if you are doing the right thing. I am also on Rigvir viral therapy, but it is early days.



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12 Replies

  • Hi Hectoria

    I'm a Scottish lassie but not in Scotland at the moment. We are currently living in Norway. We are due to return to Scotland next year but it may be sooner given the low oil price. I normally live in Aberdeen. Would love to know more about how this is treated in Scotland.

  • Hi I'm in Perth and would love to meet up with someone in the same situation.i think it's nice to be able to chat to someone with the same feelings worries etc.regards carolyn

  • Hi Hectoria, I am over on the West coast, in Gourock, so not close, I'm afraid, but it's good to be in touch. I'm also 3c, high grade, since summer 2014, did Tamoxifen last summer, which helped for a bit, now another recurrence, and am back on chemo for six treatments of Carbolpatin. I did watch and wait, last year, and was very happy to do so. This time, the symptoms couldn't be ignored, alas, with ascites, and impossible to eat. Thank goodness, I'm on the up again, if slowly.

    Never heard of that therapy, by the way. Will look it up!

    All the very best, Eileen x

  • Hi Ladies this is a nice post so at least two of you are fairly near each other and I hope you go on to have a meet up. I would recommend it as some of the ladies of Ovacare do this mainly through coffee mornings and Patient Days run by Ovacare but we have also fostered friendships which cannot be done in a hospital setting so wishing you all well

  • Hello, I'm in East Lothian and more than happy to take a trip to Perth or Stirling or wherever is a feasible for those who feel up to meeting. I would love to share experiences and find out what helps others. I'm just back from a family get together in Dublin and a day or so before that had been in touch with Suzuki to ask her about Ovacare in Ireland so this is timely. I was diagnosed stage 3c high grade in April 2012, have been on a couple of trials and have just finished 3rd line carbo taxol with a fairly good scan at the end of it so feeling good. I will send personal messages with my email later. Thank you so much for posting.

    Beth X

  • Hi

    I live in Fife . Would love a chance for a meet up. Just starting to get a new normal after NED, a fortnight ago.


  • Hi. I am in Aberdeen and did ask on a similar form for any Scottish ladies but did not get a very large response. I would like to private message you Ladies who are in Scotland to discuss treatment, trials etc but not sure how to start a private message. . If you can help, that would be great.


  • Hi everyone,

    What a great response. It would be great if we could meet up, either individually or together sometime.

    If you can email me with your details, I could collate all the email addresses and we could set up our own wee group.

    Talk to you all soon I hope,


  • I know, I don't know how to direct message on here either!

  • Re direct messaging, you click on the person's name which takes you to their profile page . On th right of the page there's a Message box. Click on that to sent a private message. Don't know how to set up a new group though but Ovacome admin should be able to help.


  • Hi Carolyn here il give you my email and see about meeting up.regards Carolyn email

  • Hello Hectoria

    I hope you are well,

    Please could you update us on your experience using Rigvir Viral Therapy?

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