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Hey all!

Hope you are all well and for those if you that are a bit under the weather I hope it passes soon!!

I was wondering if any of you had any advice re taking care of your scalp while sporting the Kojak look? I have notice that the skin on my scalp is becoming very dry, I am using baby shampoo in the morning and that's all I am doing at the minute! Is there anything I can do to maybe moisturise the skin? Thankfully it isn't irritated or anything at the minute!

Thanks a mill!


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  • Just checking my emails and saw your post. I used baby shampoo and also Boots own brand Coconut oil shampoo, but I didnt wash it every day just when it bugged me. You could try using Acqueous Cream for washing just a dap on a face cloth. If it gets really bothersome, I would ask the CNS in your unit because sometimes they pick up on tips from other patients. Dont use any pure wool hats!!!

  • Thanks for that Suzuki! My chemo nurse is great and has already helped enormously! I will ask her when I go in for chemo on Wednesday, I am lucky its not bothersome at this point and hopefully it won't ever get irritated I am just trying to see if there is anything I can do to prevent it so thanks for your tips!


  • I went through a few baby shampoos, soap free washes, tried using conditioner... I couldn't get the skin to settle.

    Then I started using my facial cleanser on my scalp, and it's been amazing. I also use my facial moisturizer on my scalp whenever it gets to dry.

    (I use Sukin products, but I'm not sure how easy they are to get around the world.)

    Not sure how this will work for me when hair regrowth starts... But while it's just a light stubble it's working well :)

  • I use a cleanser for men called 'Be bald' !!! It's very good and exfoliating, like as cleanser, but may be a bit strong fir sensitive skin? It's not as cheap as shampoo, but has already lasted me 3 months and used daily, with a half tube left. I mainly used it as I git spots on my scalp.

    Another good product is Waitrose's Baby Bottom Butter to moisturise absolutely anywhere!


  • Hi there. I can't remember who told me to use Bio Oil but I used it every day and at night I would continue on to use a little on my face. Worked brilliantly for me. I never got so many compliments for my skin as I got while on chemo. It was either some kind of Botox effect of chemo or the Bio Oil. Plus it has a lovely scent. Take care


  • I use coconut oil on my scalp and body. A few drops of rosemary essential oil mixed in with the coconut oil is good to encourage hair growth on your scalp.

  • I have just started using coconut oil as a moisturiser and my hands are a lot softer. It is meant to be good for your hair and as a facial moisturiser as well. That may well be the answer to your question. You can get it in any Supermarket and its not expensive

  • My oncologist recommended the body shops Hemp face cream. It worked really well for me 😀

  • I didn't wash my bald head with any shampoo at all - just water. I did take advantage of the opportunity of applying moisturiser where it has never been before! lol

    My hubby thought it was very funny when I said I didn't know where to end the foundation. I put some on the top of my head and it made a right mess inside my hat.

    Thanks for prompting happy, funny memories of my Kojak days. xxx Annie

  • I did the same thing with foundation!

    I ended up taking it to far up, and having to wash it out of my wig, lol.

  • Oh I bet we could start a new thread of Kojak stories. It would be such a laugh to hear all the things that made us smile even in our darkest moments. xxxx

  • When we first shaved my head, my partner gave me a mullet then refused to take the rest off for a good half hour because he thought it was so funny.

    He even got a photo of it on his phone, the bastard, lol

    It's funny what good memories can come out of this, isn't it?

  • That is hilarious! I don't need to see the photo. I can just picture it in my head! xxxx

  • Some baby oil overnight will help. I remember my scalp feeling quite itchy and dry and I was advised to use this. Hope it helps. Ann x

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