Ovarian stage 3

I'm new to this group and to having just been diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. So far I've had to have 1 round of Paracentiessis to take 3 lbs of fluid out of my abdomen and looking at another tomorrow. I meet with the oncology gynecologist on Tuesday to discuss when to do surgery followed by chemo. The other train of thought it seems is to do a few rounds of chemo before surgery. What insight do you have on this? I would just like to get the surgery done so that I'm not in so much pain and stop the filling up of fluid. This all started 3 weeks ago.

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  • Welcome. Sending love and hugs. Xxx

  • Thanks so much!

  • Hi there, you will get lots of advise from lots of lovely ladies on this site, we've all been through lots of surgeries and treatments. I had surgery then 6 rounds of chemo, but you won't know anything like that until you discuss things with your medical team to see what's right for you. Wishing you all the best and big hug xx

  • Thanks for your reply!

  • I am so sorry you have been given this diagnosis. I was in your position in March 2014. It has been a slog but you do come out the other end. And things got easier once I saw the Oncologist and had a treatment plan agreed.

    I too had two lots of fluid drained but then had 6 sessions of chemo before surgery. Once I started the chemo the fluid problem and the associated pain disappeared completely. The order things happened is based on individual clinical need and what is best for you.

    All the very best love Julia

  • Thanks for the experiential insight. It's always good to hear from others who have already walked the walk.

  • Welcome and sorry you were given this diagnosis. Others have said it already...

    That initial time between first diagnosis and the point where you get a treatment plan and / or learn the specifics of your tumour is the scariest one. Trust your medical team ; they will determine the best order for surgery and chemo based on the scans and exams they've already performed. I believe influencing factors include size and location of tumours. It works either way.

    With an experienced gyn onc surgeon performing the op, you have the best chance to come out all right at the other end; and it reads like you are in good hands.

    I had 5 L of ascites drained before my op and that was a relief already, and then it felt great after the op to see the swollen belly gone .

  • Hi, i had 3 lots of chemo then the surgery then more chemo.

    I took the advice of the experts. Everyone is different. Wish you loads of luck. You are on the road to beating this.

  • Seems like there are so many variables in how this plan comes together. Will be glad to meet with the gyno about surgery today to finalize what is going to happen.

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