I have just spent a few days in the oncology ward due to terrible of the ladies in my bay became quite unwell her curtains were pulled round and everyone that went to see her had to be in mask gloves and apron.i found this a bit odd because I thought that us cancer patients were very susceptible to infection.yet we just sit there breathing in whatever.i have to say the ward was in abit of what do we do as there were apparently patients with flu and upper respiratory tract infections which is what the lady in my had.i just found it odd.regards Carolyn x

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  • Hi Carolyn

    What hospital are you in? When I had problems and was on chemo I was put in a side ward both times. Once I was told not to actually leave my room in case I infected others! However, when I had an anaphalatic shock whilst on chemo I was put in a ward with 2 other ladies. Maybe they judge each case on it's 'merits' for want of a better expression? Hope you are feeling recovered. Kathy xx

  • I was in nine wells in feeling was the lady in question should have been in a sideward as I knew the rest of us were having home now with no ill effects but that might have been very different.carolyn x

  • Hi carolyn. I totally agree it could have been very differed and agree with Suzuki. You could try Hospital Manager or as here we have patient liaison. glad your back resting at home xx

  • Hi Carolyn, I actually agree with you. I am sorry you were in hospital for so long and hope you are recovering at home well. Here in Ireland if you get sick after hours, you go to the A and E or a doctor on call. Both would not have your history first of all and if you go to A and E you are indeed open to all kinds of infection. Prior to this, if you had a side effect you got a number to ring oncology ward but this service has been withdrawn. I agree that the lady should have been moved to a side ward and barrier nursing in situ. Thank god you escaped any infection but the worry is always there. If you are still upset about it, write to the Manager of the Hospital to see if they could improve on provision of more sterile areas for chemo patients. Its worth a try but you may not get a reply

  • This patient should definitely not have been nursed in a general ward.Have the hospitals not taken note of the terrible mistakes made in the past.I would definitely report this.It is your life they are risking.When in hospital it is your right to question breach of control of infection .Good luck.

  • I started chemo in hospital and was put on my own in a side ward before it began, having been told it was because I was at risk of infection, but then was moved into the main four bed ward because someone else had a crisis and I was told she needed it more. So it seems to depend on the resources they have. Now they are threatening to get rid of our a&e. Our NHS is in crisis and I fear for future generations.

  • I think all hospitals try their best to isolate us from further infection but as we all know ,whether it's the u.k or ireland,our health service is practically falling apart.When I go into hospital now,whether it's A&E or admittance ,I wear my disposable surgical mask at all times,except when sleeping I also take my Milton wipes and hand sanitizer.

    What's supposed to happen and what actually happens in hospitals regarding the health and safety of cancer patients is crazy.

    I also was admitted after Christmas with shortness of breath,it turned out I was severely G.P sent me to our small local hospital,with permission from my oncologist in the major hospital,and I have to say without doubt ,it was the best treatment I ever got.I was put into isolation in medical assessment unit,ensuite,wifi,radio and DOUBLE BED!!!!

    As the unit closed every night at 8p.m,I was allowed home,but had to go back at the crack of dawn as they didn't want me in the main wards of hospitals In case of infection.

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