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Just found this site and joined today, 6/9/17. My 68-year old partner of 35 years was just diagnosed with cancer of the omentum, probably originating in her bowels. She's had significant constipation problems all her life and a recent body scan revealed 2 growths which were biopsied giving us her diagnosis. Anyone out there in the same boat as us? We are scared and I can't stop crying!

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  • Hi Nurk, if the cancer on her omentum originated in her bowels wouldn't it be bowel or colon cancer?

  • Stay calm and begin to gather information. The diagnosis seems a little confusing. On your next appointment, get clarification. Ask for copies of the pathology report and everything else. Make notes. Ask questions. Find out what the game plan is and get ready to support your partner. It is a battle but it can be faced.

  • As has already been mentioned you need your partners team to explain exactly what type of cancer she has...is it bowel? Is is ovarian etc. There should be a Pathology report which will give details of type and grade etc so it's important to have that explained so the you're in the best position to understand and ask questions going forward

    Take care


  • hi, im in your geographic area. if you'd like to meet, pm me please....which i havent figured out yet, sigh.


  • HI Nurk......very good advice from the rest of the ladies. Once you both know what you're dealing with and have a plan, you'll feel much better. Best of luck, and keep us posted. You'll find this site full of wonderful, caring ladies. ........................JudyV

  • Update...my love, Judy, passed 6/23/17...28 days aftershe was diagnosed. I'm so heartbroken and so angry with th Drs. Any recommendations on going forward with action against her medical team? It all happened too fast.😣

  • Hi Nurk, I've read your post with a heavy heart and just would like to send you my heart felt wishes,I hope you have love ones to support you at this time...Lorraine💙💙

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