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Severe backache



Has anyone experienced severe backache at the bottom of the spine. I have very bad arthritus but this does not go away and I am on Co-codamol and morphine but it still hurts. I have also been experiencing pains across my abdomen and liver so am seeing the oncologist on Friday. My tumors were stable just before Christmas but I think they may have woken up again, unfortunately but will find out soon enough! I also feel quite tired despite trying not to do too much which is against my nature usually!

I hope everyone is keeping their pecker up and would love to hear from anyone who has the same problem.

A big hug to all of you.


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Big hug to you too Barb...backache hasn't been part of my journey...yet but I hope you get it sorted xxx

Hi Barb, I've not had backache so can't help. I just wanted to send you a big hug and lots of positive vibes. Hopefully the little blighers are still asleep. let us know how you get on this Friday, love Kerry xx

I had very severe backache, caused by multiple slipped discs and degenerative spinal changes. I ended up on fentanyl patches. The side effects were too much for me. I weened myself off the patches with lots of physiotherapy, then I learnt the Alexander technique. After more than a year, I was pain free and have stayed that way.

If your pain relief isn't working, then in the short term there's a lot the GP can do, and s/he can refer you to your local pain clinic.

If it's related to OC, I guess with treatment/chemo it will improve. If it's not OC, I can only recommend taking all the treatment you can get, especially physio. And then consider the Alexander technique. Whatever happens, try to stay active, even if it's only a short daily walk. Best, Vx

Mmm...I have had back problems since I was a teenager ...with the OC , poor alignment exacerbated by hospital beds and hours on chemo drips . Tramadol and Ibruprofen keep me moving , and yes , The Alexander technique too . You might need an MRI to see what the trouble is ...and then find a good osteopath maybe ? Of course , we are all terrified by our aches and pains and you need the support of your oncology team.

Meanwhile , hot baths and pampering stuff ...oh , and diazapam in small amounts can unlock muscle tension .

A virtual hug cos pain is horrible . x Wishing you well x

I had back pain turned out it was my Kidneys.Nothing major but they needed some help. Get it checked out asap if you can xx

Hi just wanted to say I feel your pain. I had bad back before diagnosis but much worse after chemo. It's constant now . The only tablet that gives relief is palexia, a new low dose type of morphine . I also need to take Valium if going on long car journey as really exacerbates this. No get Physio but it's use is very limited again not the best at rent wring to do the excercises! I'm interested in finding out more about Alexander technique that was mentioned here . Hope something works for you . I have met s few people who thought chemo exacerbated back/neck conditions .i have had Mri scans of beck and hips that showed its not caused by cancer so that was good to rule that out. Keep knocking til you get answers! Hope you get relief soon. Chronic pain can be very tiring and affects your mood too!

Barb4145 in reply to Susan3

Hi Susan

Thanks for getting back to me and I am glad to see you have found something to ease yours. I am seeing the Oncologist tomorrow so will mention it and try and get something better. I am on Co-codamol and morphine and it is still hurting a lot. I am steeling myself to go for a blood test in a bit because the pain is so bad. The Chemo seems to find all sorts of places to get at you! I am still upbeat but am very tired as you probably are.

Again thanks for your help and a big hug to you.


Thanks to everyone who replied to me and for all your good wishes and support it means so much especially when you are in pain. I will let you know how I get on with oncologist.

A big hug to you all.

Barbara xx

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