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Urine problems post chemo?

Hi my mum was treated for OC stage 1c with 6 month's carbo/taxol. 8 months post chemo now and she is experiencing pain when she wees and the urgw to go a lot more. She has a pain in her side which could be bladder pain? Been to GP twice treated with antibiotics after a dipstick test showing signs of infection. Both antibiotics seemed to have worked but each time slight pain starts creeping back. We have our 3montly check with CA125 results on Thursday this week. Really worried its the cancer showing ita ugly face again. Had anyone else experienced this? Gp has described as possible bladder infection x

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Well not sure what to advise, I would mention it at the check up and take it from there. If your Mum currently has infection dont be surprised if her 125 is up as infection can sometimes cause the 125 to rise. I wish you both the best for this appointment and dicuss any fears with your Mums doctor.


Your mum needs to tell her oncologist so that they can check her. Ann x


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