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Is it cancer?

My father in law has been feeling unwell for the past year, he's had an on off cough that won't go away, he says he doesn't feel right in himself and keeps feeling anxious and light headed and not right in the head! He had an MRI scan a month or so ago on his head which came back clear, he was also on antibiotics last month for a chest infection but the coughing and unwell ness is still the same so he went back to the doctors who sent him for another MRI on his lungs and he's just told me that the doctors have said he's got a tumour on the lung, they told him not to worry as they picked it up 2 1/2 years ago and it's not really changed. This is the first he or I had known about the tumour existing! They will send him for further tests but seem very laid back... He also has a cluster of cysts on his kidney which he's had for a few years, he's 77 and never smoked and I'm concerned as to what it may be?

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Hi Tink1978,

Sorry to hear how worried you are about your dad, and the news he has existing tumours you and he did not know of. Does he have any further follow up appointments that you or family can go to ask the Dr's about the concerns. Or maybe speak with Macmillan nurses who can be contacted by phone for free on 0808 808 00 00.

Just so your aware this site Ovacome is for ladies with ovarian cancer, not sure if there is any other sites on HealthUnlocked that may be more suitable, but wishing you and your dad well.

Kris x

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Hi kris, he's not even been told it's cancer and no tests have been done as of yet and he has none booked in but his symptoms are that of cancer unless I've gone OTT with searching the net... I'm thinking that maybe due to his age the doctors are not really concerned with him as maybe it's slow in growing x


Has he had his heart checked, he sounds like my husband, and he had a virus of the heart and it took the specialty hospital in Calgary AB to find his problem, they had to go in and take a biopsy from inside the heart. Good luck Susan


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