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Can anyone help me with information regarding what is happening to me at present? I have had a recurrence this year and have been on Carboplatin and Caelyx for 7 sessions and will have another on Monday. 9 sessions were booked but saw oncologist yesterday and she said that she may not give me another lot at end of November but needs a scan after my holiday which will be the end of November. She will see me again on 7 December when the results are in and then decide whether to give me another one chemo or put me on tablets which is what she really wants to do. Has anyone else had this and also been put on tablets and if so what are they and are there any side effects because she says that there are not, also have they been successful in keeping the tumours stable? My tumours were stable at my last scan in September and the CA125 was still rising. Hope someone can help which I am sure they can.

Big hugs to everyone and keep smiling.


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  • Hello Barbara. Sorry to hear that you'll need further treatment but is your CA125 going down now? I have mine checked every time I see the oncologist. What tablets is she planning to give you? There's more than one kind. I had tamoxifen for a while which works for some people but not for me.

  • Hi

    Thanks for replying to me and my CA125 is still going up so the oncologist wants a scan after my holiday to see what's what and then decide from there. I don't know what tablets she will put me on so will keep in mind the ones you have said about. Tablets should be better for me because my veins are getting fed up with canulas and drips and give up the ghost regularly, I dread having them now because they are quite painful!

    Will keep you informed about my treatment and also if it helps anyone else.

    Thanks again and good luck.


  • As Lesleygreengran has said, there are several different tablets. The ones I have heard of are all hormone tablets. I had Arimidex for six months two years ago, which didn't work for me. I have now been on Exemestane tablets, one a day, for six months, & they are keeping my OC stable so far (confirmed in clinic yesterday & will be reviewed again in 3 months time.) I was told if one tablet doesn't work for someone, another might.


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