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Esa decison on old medical asessment points affected me and i carnt get esa

Due to been taken off sick as my points off medical were only 6 points esa i recieved was stopped then jsa had to be claimed. My dr later down line gives me a fit note again and my new esa claim has be based on my previous medical and my 6 points wont allow me to be entitled to esa and my health is worse and medication increased can anyone tell me if decision maker can use my old medical ass points for new claim

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I'm not sure of the answer to this but your doctor seems to have pronounced you fit to work. Surely that's wonderful news? Are you saying that you have deteriorating health and are not able to work? Xx


I don't know the answer to that as I know the rules are constantly changing but you should be able to get some information and advice from these people...


Hi, Not sure what your situation is however ESA is awarded ( has to be applied for ) if you have been on sick leave from work and work related sick pay ( state statutory sick pay) has finished. If you continue to be sick and apply for ESA you are placed in to one of two groups after a work related assessment. You must of paid enough NI to be entitled. If as you say your Dr has signed you fit for work then you will not be entitled. If your still unwell you need to go back to your Gp and discuss. No points are used in this process. There are points awarded to Personal Independent Payments (PIP) but that's a different benefit.

Hope that helps . Good luck


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