Pain in the buttocks!


Suddenly over the last week severe pain in the buttocks and legs. Can't stand for any length of time and pain when walking. All oK when sitting and lying down. No apparent reason for this to come on so getting worried. Supposed to be going away next week. Oncologist appointment beginning of July. Is this the cancer back or a GP matter.

Any thoughts welcome

Mopsie xxx

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  • Hi Mopsie

    Do you have a Specialist Nurse you could contact? She should be able to advise you as to whether you should see your GP or if you need to see your Oncologist earlier than your planned appointment. Try not to panic that the cancer is back (I know that's easy to say), but running it by the Sp. Nurse will hopefully help you get some answers.

    Hope all goes well for you.

    Ali x

  • Hi

    Sorry about delay in replying Internet down for a while. Saw GP she is writing to oncologist asking her to arrange MRI as I have a spine problem already and she wants to make sure this pain is not tumour related. So a wait and see for the moment.

    Mopsie xx

  • Hi. Glad that you are getting things looked into. Hopefully (?) it will turn out to be related to your existing spinal problem and nothing else, and you won't be kept waiting too long for your MRI scan.

    Wishing you all the luck in the world.

    Ali x

  • Hello Mopsie,

    Pain in the b** indeed. Good suggestion re contacting your clinical nurse specialist in the first instance. Might well be worth while seeing your GP. I had similar pains which I attributed to chemo and then flu. My GP's first thought was vitamin D deficiency which is very common in the UK and can cause bone and joint aches and weak muscles eventually too (eventually osteomalacia if left untreated). Turns out I was way deficient and am now taking supplements. I am not saying that this will be the case for you, but if you are going to the GP anyway it might be worth asking him/her if you can be tested for vitamin D. Some info here if you would like:

    Hope you are feeling better soon.



  • Hi

    Saw GP she thinks the sciatic nerve is irritated and as I have a spine problem she wants me to have MRI to make sure it's not tumour related. Wait and see for the moment. Having bloods done.

    Special family event next week in Israel so hope to feel better for that.thank you for your good wishes

    Mopsie xx

  • It sounds like Sciatica, I suffered really badly with this, and it flares up now and then. It was no relationship to OC for me just inflamed nerves.

    I'd see both

    LA xx

  • Hi

    You could be right GP thinks sciatic nerve inflamed but arranging MRI to check its not tumour related. I hope it's sciatica as that's less scary!

    Mopsie xx

  • I think if the pain is keeping you awake, definitely get it checked out

  • Hi

    Saw GP she is asking for an MRI scan to see what's what. I have a spine problem and she wants to make sure it's not tumour related. Hopefully not!

    Mopsie xx

  • I've never heard of this as a symptom for OC.

    Good luck. Pauline.

  • Thank you GP asking oncologist for an MRI to see if it's tumour related or sciatic nerve.

    Mopsie xx

  • I had a pain in that area my onc team offered me an xray which showed degeneration but my gp wasnt happy and referred me to reheumatologist. He treated me for sciatica but also lucky for me, he sent me for mri. Mri showed oc back at the back of the pelvis. Didnt want to worry you yesterday Mopsie but I am here five years later to tell the tale and that is a positive. But that doesnt mean you will be told the same, thank god we are all different. My back was left on the back burner as had to have chemo and I didnt really like Rheumatologist anyway. So here I am grumbling away

  • Hi

    Thanks for your response. I don't think I could any more worried than I am! Can I ask what stage you were when diagnosed and when. I was diagnosed in July 13 with stage 3/4 PPC. Chemo, surgery and chemo finishing February 2014. Did the chemo you had deal with the back pain 5 years ago?

    Thanks Mopsie

  • Yes, i was on anti inflamatories when this was going on no use whatsoever until the oncology team told me I could use panadol on top of them. My pain was pretty severe. Once I commenced treatment pain went, and came off pain killers. Sailed through treatment no problem, thinning hair but had a lot going on with family too. Treatment was Gemzar. I also returned to work. I am glad you are getting mri, they dont like too many cts because of radiation but mri doesnt have radiation. It is actually unusual for people to complain like that with a recurrence though. I should have added that my second ovary was not removed fully because they were afraid of a major bleed. You are probably quite different. I would imagine I started off with stage 1 with a bare chance of recurrence after carbo and taxol. I really dont ask, all I know is that it cant be removed so when it rears its ugly head just treated. My tummy lymph nodes go up and down like yo yos but last ct scan showed they had shrunk, it hadnt spread anywhere else. I am on Avastin every three weeks suits me for the most but this time round sinuses flared pretty bad then again we had that cold wind and its prob a combo. Gave in yesterday and got antibiotics from doc

  • Hi Mopsie.Yes it's a good idea to contact the Liason nurse or if not your G.P.It can all be a side effect from treatment.Ive got horrible pains in my legs and back and like you,It's grand when resting but when I start to walk ,I m like an advert for Zimmer frame company.Get it checked out before you go on holiday because otherwise it will be playing on your mind.Dont worry,I'm sure it will be o.k. Xx

  • Saw the GP and when I showed how I had to stand to relieve the pain she said "Oh wet nappy pose" !! Heaven forbid it comes to that.

    She is asking for MRI scan.


  • Ha ha Wet Nappy Pose,never heard it said like that before.Well at least an M.R.I will rule in oe out the prob,I reckon it's definitely due to treatment though.xx

  • I agree, with Annie I feel mri will show sciatic nerve inflamed

  • Suzuki,I'm hoping for an MRI next as I don't really think the PET scan shows the whole story.I've never had a MRI in relation to my O.C.Its a bit overcast here today but warm.Forecast for weekend is good tg.Hope all is well with you and that the sinus isn't too bad.I had my Avastin too yesterday.Went down to Kinsale afterwards.It was glorious down there.xx

  • That is the way to do it, I am glad you had a nice evening. I thought the pet scan shows stuff but I have never had one. My gp sent me to Rheumatologist after getting no great joy from gynae team. He ordered mri to determine cause of pain and rest is history. My gp is one in a million, five miles or more across the city and I wouldnt change him. He has been so good to me through all this. As I am not a candidate for further surgery, hospital changed me to oncologist only, their decision and he is the best in the world. There was a time in 2010 that I thought I wouldnt renew my driving licence last year or get to retirement. I have the best care possible now and that is all that matters to me

  • Hi Mopsie. I've had really bad pain in my left buttock which radiates down to the thigh and worst of all to the outside of my calf which is excruciating . I saw my Dr who prescribed Ibuprofen and I take Co-codamol now and again.I am having a hip x.ray soon. Hope you're appointment gives you good news xxx

  • Hi

    Thank you for your response. Sorry for delay in replying but I was away on holiday. Full of pain killers and as yet no appointment for MRI. Oncology nurse rang and said she thinks I need a cat scan first. Hopefully won't have to wait much longer.

    Have you had your X-ray yet?

    Mopsie xx

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