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5.4 cm cystic

Hi I went for scan 3 weeks ago after have a lot of pain in tummy area they found a cyst on left ovary and a cystic on my right with internal echos and vascularity within septao it as a least 3 sepations I went to gyno last week who as done a ca125 test just waiting for results any had similar what dose it mean by internal echos and vascularity in septao doctor didn't really explain anything to me just said we will talk about what as to be done after he had results from ca125 it's left me extremely confused and would just like some1 to explain things better any help appreciated xx

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Hi Angie, sorry you are on this site but you are welcome. I am not sure about the terminology your gynae spoke but I suppose they take the ca 125 into account when assessing if you have Ovarian Cancer. That may not be case. Hopefully its not. If it is you will get a treatment plan. Bring some one with you to your next apt and any questions you have write them down to ask him or her as well. Maybe someone else might understand the words used and can help you further. It is hard when we are told there is something wrong. But try and not dwell on it now, the tests are done and maybe focus on doing something nice before your next apt


I don't expect anyone on here would explain what you have as none of us are medically trained. You shouldn't have to wait too long for results. I would also say take someone along with you and don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you want answers to. It's your body after all. I remember my appt lasted an hour and half but that was because we went armed with questions and I made sure I didn't leave til I had all the answers. Wish you well, Sheila x


Well, I'm not a doctor, I can't guarantee that I will get everything right, and I certainly can't tell you exactly what it means for you, but your report sounds an awful lot like mine did, so here's my best effort at helping you understand the language used.

It sounds as though you have a simple cyst in your left ovary and a cystic mass, otherwise known as a complex cyst, in your right ovary. The septations are what make it a complex cyst - basically the cyst is divided into several parts, the septations (or septa, which is just Latin for septations) being the dividing walls between the different parts. The internal echoes are part of the imaging that tells them what the cyst looks like, so are presumably related to the septations. I don't know exactly what they mean. The septations in your cyst appear to have a blood supply - that's the vascularity referred to.

Complex cysts are more worrying than simple cysts, but even so, many of them are benign. Your doctor will take your age and CA125 result into account when deciding what to do next. I'm afraid you will need to wait till you see him/her again to find out their interpretation of the scan and treatment plan for you.

Write down your questions and take the written list to your next appointment. It would help to have someone attend the appointment with you, as it can be really hard to take in everything the doctor says, especially when it's you they are talking about!

As others have said, waiting is hard. Try to do nice things to distract yourself.

Good luck - I hope it proves to be benign!


Thank you lady's I really appreciate the advice hopefully will get more information on 2nd of June when I'm back at hospital will they let me know before if anything as shown up in ca125 test as that's my aniversery and don't think I want bad news on a day the means so much to me and hubby xx


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